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By Gareth Dixon
Across most jurisdictions, the ability to file a divisional application is an essential skill of any patent attorney.
By Roshan Evans, Grant Shoebridge
It is also evident that the patent eligibility of gene-based applications varies significantly across jurisdictions.
By Jennifer Enmon, Grant Shoebridge
Steps are currently being taken to address patent eligible subject matter that has plagued the US patent system recently.
By Charles Tansey, Katrina Crooks
Patents Comparative Guide for the jurisdiction of Australia, check out our comparative guides section to compare across multiple countries.
By Candace (YeeWen) Wu, Kieran Williams
The recent Macrogenics decision of the Patent Office suggests that plausibility is still a low threshold in Australia.
By Jennifer Enmon, Kieran Williams
This US decision clarified requirements for standing to appeal from an inter partes review (IPR) before the Patent Board.
By Frazer McLennan, Charles Tansey
Article provides guidance of the Japanese patent numbering system & what you need in order to locate older Japanese publications.
By Candace (YeeWen) Wu, Kieran Williams
The Evolva and MacroGenics decisions provide some guidance on how the Australian Patent Office could assess plausibility.
By Jennifer Enmon, Kieran Williams
Patent practitioners should include functional features in a claim if there is insufficient experimental evidence provided.
By Chris Bevitt, Michael Deacon
ALRC uses its trademark portfolio to protect its reputation and its brands in merchandising and media rights licensing.
By Allira Hudson-Gofers
Article records an interview with elite athlete & patent attorney about how innovation has played a part in sport & much more.
By Grant Shoebridge
This article emphasises the importance of retaining and revising, not abolishing, Australia's Innovation Patent System.
By Candace (YeeWen) Wu, Grant Shoebridge
Infringement of a Swiss-style claim does require the pharmaceutical patentee to establish the manufacturer's intention.
By Greg Whitehead
Article advocates for a structured IP strategy/portfolio and lists some benefits that could be realised.
By Gareth Dixon
This article considers whether a patent's novelty assessment is likely to be significantly different under the new Act.
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