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By Fraser Allister
This briefing note provides an overview of the process and legal considerations for a person who is not domiciled in the British Virgin Islands to write a will dealing with his or her shareholding...
By Josephine Howe
Whilst by no means the sole definition, a very useful one is provided by the Family Office Council, a membership group for single family offices, which defines a single family office...
By Bryon Rees, Michelle Watson Bunn
Ogier's Guernsey team has provided Guernsey legal advice to Burford Capital Limited ("Burford Capital") on the raising of approximately £192.6 million (US$ 251.2 million) through an equity placing...
By Ulrich Payne, Jennifer Fox, Britt Smith
The Cayman Islands Court of Appeal has unanimously allowed every ground of an appeal by the liquidators of Argyle Funds SPC Inc. ("Argyle"), holding that its former auditors,
By James Campbell, Gavin Ferguson, Marcus Leese, Steve Meiklejohn, Anthony Partridge, Eva Gyori-Toursel, Nicholas Burkill, Wisdom Hon
The Royal Court of Jersey, in the recently handed down judgment in M v W Limited and Others, has provided useful guidance for trustees in circumstances, outside the context of discovery ...
By Oliver Quarmby
Boards of directors of Guernsey companies whose shares are quoted or listed on any of the London Stock Exchange's (LSE) ...
By Raulin Amy, Richard Daggett, Lawrie Cunningham
Korean investment into European real estate has seen a marked increase in 2018. Ogier's international legal and corporate administration teams have assisted Korean clients ...
By Tim Clipstone
Until recently, ethical investing was seen as an expensive fad, sacrificing returns for principles. However, the fad has not gone away.
By Niamh Lalor, Bryon Rees, Tim Clipstone, Craig Cordle, Emily Haithwaite, Sophie Reguengo, Gabrielle Saul, Oliver Quarmby
On 11 September 2018, the Draft Limited Liability Companies (Jersey) Law (the LLC Law) was adopted by the States of Jersey paving the way for limited liability companies (LLCs) to be established in Jersey.
By Francois Pfister, Anne-Gaelle Delabye, Bertrand Geradin, Tara Kapur
Luxembourg is increasingly a preferred destination for non-EU managers seeking to access European capital by way of parallel funds.
By Laura Shirreffs
The Employment Forum has recommended a significant rise in Jersey's minimum wage.
By Katrina Edge, Richard Daggett, Simon Schilder
We know London. Our international teams have advised on transactions involving some of the city's most recognisable and iconic real estate.
By Fraser Allister, Marcus Leese, Anthony Partridge, Wisdom Hon
This memorandum has been prepared for the assistance of clients considering creating a trust in the British Virgin Islands. It is intended to provide a summary of the main legal requirements...
By James Campbell
The next phase of the Charities (Jersey) Law 2014 (the "Law") was enacted on 1 May 2018, allowing entities to finally register as charities under the Law.
By Michael Killourhy
Securitisation is, in its very basic terms, the process of taking an illiquid asset, or group of assets, and through financial engineering, transforming them into a security ...
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