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By Kristen Ittig, Kristen Riemenschneider, Nathaniel Castellano
The intersection of federal procurement and intellectual property law is a strange place, occupied by far more questions than answers.
By Stuart Axford, David Freeman, Jr., Ed Gabbay, Henry G. Morriello, Warren J. Bernstein, Sheryl Gittlitz
The London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR), is a fundamental reference rate in numerous contracts, both in the financial markets and in commercial contracts.
By David Freeman, Jr., Richard Alexander, Brian McCormally, Robert Azarow, Christopher Allen, A. Patrick Doyle, Daniel Hartnett, Michael Mancusi, Michael Mierzewski, Henry G. Morriello, Kevin Toomey
Any revised interagency guidance would likely be applicable to boards of bank subsidiaries.
By David Freeman, Jr., Andrew Shipe, A. Patrick Doyle, George M. Williams Jr., Skanthan Vivekananda, Henry G. Morriello, Michael Karol, Howard Goldwasser, Gregory Harrington, Jonathan Green, Gregory Xethalis, Kathleen Moriarty
Thus, the Comptroller appears to recognize difficulties in the practical application of the regulations to real-life situations, including enforcement and examination practices.
By Ethan Shenkman
While some of the Trump administration's regulatory changes may be effected im¬mediately through executive order, the most significant measures will need to grind their way through the adminis¬trative process...
By David Freeman, Jr., Richard Alexander, Christopher Allen, Robert Azarow, Daniel Hartnett, A. Patrick Doyle, Michael Mancusi, Brian McCormally, Michael Mierzewski, Henry G. Morriello, Kevin Toomey
As discussed below, the Proposal prescribes which of its three parts would be applicable to a particular type of institution: holding companies, FRB-regulated banks, or both.
By Jacqueline Mulryne, Louise Strom
The second issue has been the definition of CCI, and there is a disconnect between what the EMA and what industry considers should be withheld from disclosure.
By Kenneth Chernof, John D. Lombardo, Daphne Morduchowitz, Andrew K. Solow, David J. Weiner, Caitlin Annatoyn, Paul Beavers, Tiffany Ikeda, Michael Kientzle, Colleen Lima
The Second Circuit also revisited judicial oversight of DPAs generally.
By Kenneth Chernof, John D. Lombardo, Daphne Morduchowitz, Andrew K. Solow, David J. Weiner, Caitlin Annatoyn, Paul Beavers, Tiffany Ikeda, Michael Kientzle, Colleen Lima
Hence, the jurisdictional issue turned on whether the Court could exercise specific personal jurisdiction over the nonresident plaintiffs' claims.
By Keith M. Korenchuk, Samuel Witten, E. Christopher Beeler
On July 27, 2017, the SEC charged the Halliburton Company and a former Halliburton Vice President and manager of business operations in Angola with violating the FCPA's books...
By Jacqueline Mulryne
The European Commission has made clear its intention to harness the potential that digital innovation can offer, and in May 2015, announced it Digital Single Market strategy.
By Claire Reade
It may be useful to begin by asking what problem the United States is trying to solve.
By Evelina J. Norwinski, Marcus Asner, Andy Wang
In the first six months of fiscal year 2017, U.S. border agents conducted 14,993 searches of electronic devices at borders and airports.
By Marcus Asner, Drew Harker, Daniel Bernstein, Andrew Bauer, Arthur Luk, Soo-Mi Rhee, Aaron Miner, Zheng He, Charles A. Kreafle, Matthew Lanahan
Following a flurry of corporate settlements in the final days of the Obama Administration, enforcement of the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) has been relatively quiet.
By Michael D. Daneker, Brian Israel, Jeremy Karpatkin
The Task Force also proposed several other measures intended to expedite remediation over what can often be a years-long process of investigation and evaluation.
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