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By Christian Pérez
The Colombian Supreme Court of Justice has addressed one of the most complex insurance types: Business-Interruption ("BI") insurance.
By Enrique Álvarez
2015 will be remembered, among other things, as one of the years that free competition was most defended, at least in regards to investigations.
By Enrique Álvarez, María De Los Ríos
In Circular Externa Number 002 from November 3, 2015, the Superintendence of Commerce and Industry set up the Registro Nacional de Bases de Datos (RNBD, national database record).
By Tatiana Carrillo, Julián Ruíz
It all began with a feature that Latina broadcasted about the most successful Peruvian YouTubers.
By Ana María Castro Wey, Eliana Portilla
Industrial design contains aesthetic and decorative characteristics that, without directly affecting profits, provides a particular attraction that can be the determining factor in someone selecting one product over another.
By Julián Ruíz
The International Olympic Committee has publicized several rules to prevent behaviors that exploit the event by companies that are not official sponsors (known internationally as Ambush Marketing).
By Tatiana Carrillo, Cristina Velasco
These trademarks include sound, animation, tactile, gestures, position, holographs, movement, and smell, among others.
By Tatiana Carrillo, Julián Ruíz
The aim would be to decide if they are really to be considered new pieces or new editions or versions of the original.
By Tatiana Carrillo, Julián Ruíz
The application was denied because it was considered to be easily confused to the registries of the mixed brands La Muñeca, which is owned by Harinera Del Valle S.A.
By Ana María Castro Wey, Eliana Portilla
The Colombian Patent Office, part of the Superintendence of Commerce and Industry (SIC), issued Resolution #3719 in 2016 which took effect on February 3, 2016.
By Tatiana Carrillo, Cristina Velasco
A short time ago, we published an article in our blog about the new challenge companies have today to protect their non-traditional trademarks.
By Carlos Carvajal, Andrés Hidalgo
This dynamic and other difficulties created the wrong type of incentives in executing projects and significantly slowed progress.
By Carlos Carvajal
By late July 2015, Colombians had about 149 trillion pesos saved in mandatory pensions, plus 13 trillion in voluntary pensions and more than 9 trillion in severance funds.
By Ana María Castro Wey, Lucía Hernández
Granting a patent for citizens in countries like Brazil and Argentina may take between five and eight years. However, in Colombia, it takes only two to three years to hear back.
On June 29, 2011, the Colombian Congress issued Law 1455, by means of which it approved the "Madrid Protocol concerning the Madrid Agreement regarding the international registration of trademarks", adopted in Madrid, Spain, on June 27, 1989 and modified on October 3, 2006 and on November 12, 2007.