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By Katy Bentley
When I talk to clients about their innovation strategies, it is more often than not about the new products and services they are developing. In a recent Innovation survey we conducted with the CBI, 30%...
By Andrew Bulley, Henry Jupe, Sherine El-Sayed
This year, the majority of insurers across the EU are releasing their first sets of public, audited Solvency II-basis results and disclosures ("SFCRs").
By Caroline McDade
The London Real Estate Forum this year will undoubtedly be dominated by what the outcome of the General Election means for London property in the short and medium term.
By Caroline McDade
The Supreme Court last week passed judgement on the proper interpretation of paragraph 49 of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and relevant policies for the supply of housing.
By Deloitte Life Sciences & Healthcare Group
View Deloitte's approach to transfer pricing with this video. Clarity, Consistency, and Confidence: that's how Deloitte empowers our client's to renew their global approach to transfer pricing.
By Kent Mackenzie
Examples of the in-house work including using artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive analytics.
By Karen Taylor
Inspired by next week's national Carers Week, an annual awareness campaign that celebrates the six and a half million people across the UK who provide unpaid care for a family member or friend...
By David Strachan, Natasha De Soysa, Dominic Graham, Rebecca Walsh
The PRA recently published a Policy Statement confirming amendments and optimisations to the current Senior Managers Regime (SMR) which applies to banks, building societies...
By Ian Stewart
There was no panicky sell off as we saw last year following the Brexit vote.
By Andrew Bulley, Sherine El-Sayed
On 26 May, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) published a policy statement on implementing information prompts in the annuity market. The FCA had consulted on this topic in November 2016...
By Ian Stewart
This week's briefing provides a short General Election primer. All data, odds and polls are correct as of 7pm on Sunday 4 June.
By Ian Stewart, Alex Cole, Michael Grampp
Welcome to the fifth edition of the Deloitte European CFO Survey, a major initiative of the Deloitte EMEA CFO Programme.
By James Yearsley, Ben Perkins
The falling cost of technology and the rising cost of labour have combined to make automation a more attractive proposition for many business services operators.
By Douglas Beaudoin
This week's blog is written by our US colleague, Douglas Beaudoin, who is a Principal and leads Deloitte Consulting LLP's Life Sciences and Health Care practice.
By Kent Mackenzie
"People often ask me what makes me so interested in fintech – one could always argue that it has been around for years.
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