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By Eleanor Upson
Debating the merits of the 4-4-2 format. Post-match analysis round the watercooler. Catching the match after work.
By Deloitte LLP
Bold vision, evolving needs, modern policies, and innovation are rapidly morphing the mobility landscapes of cities across the globe.
By Deloitte LLP
In this DChat, Michael Tang discusses how the conversation around digital transformation is shifting from what should we do, to how should we execute digital transformation effectively.
By Gareth Hills
We've seen that employers are increasingly focusing on the risk around whether or not they comply with the National Minimum (NMW) / National Living Wage (NLW) legislation.
By Niall Glynn, Alexandra Sharpe
I was recently at a client meeting where we were discussing the future evolution of Board membership across the second and third generations of a family business.
By Deloitte LLP
Life At Deloitte. Matej Cresnik's Story (Video)
By Deloitte LLP
Life at Deloitte Tax & Legal (Video)
By David Strachan, Suchitra Nair, Valeria Gallo
Technology and innovation ("FinTech") again featured prominently in this year's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) business plan. Andrew Bailey, Chief Executive of the FCA ...
By Greg Reh
Blockchain technology is continually touted to revolutionise the operations of every industry it becomes associated with, and for health care ...
By Andrew Bulley, Tony Gaughan, Ross Millar, Joy Kershaw
On 5 April 2018 the FCA published a policy statement, summarised in our recent blog, on its first round measures as part of its asset management market study.
By Deloitte LLP
Business-Aligned Cyber Strategy
By Suchitra Nair, Valeria Gallo
Deloitte and UBS hosted a roundtable on Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the recent Innovate Finance Global Summit 2018 (IFGS18).
By Hugh Pickering
It's a familiar warning: the exponential growth of digital technologies is exposing us all to more and new kinds of risk and we all need to ensure that we protect our assets and reputation from attack.
By Matt Henderson
Notwithstanding a degree of macro-market uncertainty, we are experiencing high levels of deal volumes at present.
By David Strachan, Matt Ranson, Roberto Jimenez-Fernandez, Coco Chen
Almost a decade ago at the 2009 Pittsburgh Summit, G20 Leaders committed to reform the OTC derivatives markets with the objective of reducing systemic risks, improving transparency and protecting investors against...
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