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By H.S. Bobby Chandhoke, Rajan Raj
This article attempts to examine the impact of, inter alia, ss. 14 and 238 of the IBC on the aforesaid scenarios.
By Chandramauli Dwivedi
SEBI was also investigating the case and an interim investigation revealed violation of fairness norms.
By Faisal Sherwani, Aditya Vikram
Ultimately, it is for the State to ensure that it acts fairly and without malice.
By Sanjeev Kumar, Anshul Sehgal
"Stare Decisis" has been defined under the Black's Law Dictionary as "to abide by, or adhere to, decided cases".
By Abhishek Swaroop, Naman Singh Bagga
It therefore becomes relevant, and important, to understand the concept of a ‘pre-packaged bankruptcy' and its pros and cons.
By Divye Sharma
The term ‘control' does not have a singular definition under different laws.
By Venancio D’Costa, Astha Ojha
The normative foundation of the proposed Personal Data Protection Bill, 2018 is the outcome of the judgment passed by the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India in Justice K.S. Puttaswamy (Retd.) v. Union of India.
By Varun Sharma, Abhishek Goyal
The object of Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 ("CrPC/ Code") is to provide machinery for the punishment of offenders against the substantive criminal law.
By Sanjeev Kumar, Abhishek Goyal
Article 21 of the Constitution of India ("Constitution") confers, on every person, the fundamental rights of life and personal liberty.
By Gayatri Raghunandan, Abdullah Hussain
2018 has been a year of change for the Indian competition regime ranging from the innocuous change in address of the Competition Commission of India to the swanky new office block at Kidwai Nagar, ...
By Chandramauli Dwivedi
Mere solicitation of government activity was not violative of anti-trust laws, irrespective of the incidental effects of such activity being anti-competitive.
By Manshoor Nazki, Abhyuday Bhotika
Stock prices have, in recent times, seen enough volatility to keep hopeful issuers away from raising money from the capital markets.
By Venancio D’Costa, Astha Ojha
As a natural corollary of the above discussion, it appears that it would be proper to require that the liability be imputable on the actual debtor Company.
By Wasim Beg, Karan Dev Chopra
The term "interlocutory order" is a term that has no lack of well-known legal significance and appears to present no complex difficulty.
By Prerna Parashar
About 30 million tonnes of steel is lying under bankruptcy proceedings in India, and is waiting to be taken over by new management under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 (IBC).