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By Allison Fitzpatrick, Vejay Lalla, Paavana Kumar
On the heels of issuing more than 90 letters to celebrities, bloggers and other influencers in April 2017...
By Vejay Lalla, Paavana Kumar
Whether you are a fashion retailer or a chain drugstore, proximity marketing should be on your radar.
By Neal Klausner, David Greenberg, Marissa Comart
As discussed in a previous article, in 2013 many federal courts began applying a heightened standard to the long-recognized, but largely overlooked, "ascertainability" prerequisite implicit in the Federal Rules...
By Marc Rachman, Devin Kothari
Recent Supreme Court decisions will likely curb actions by non-practising entities, say Marc J Rachman, and Devin A Kothari.
By Richard Eisert
Do you switch to "incognito mode" when you browse for things you want to keep private? Do you regularly delete the cookies on your computer and clear your browsing history?
By Joseph Cioffi
It's been getting tougher for anyone to mount strong opposition to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's (CFPB) rule banning mandatory arbitration clauses after news broke of more misdeeds...
By Ronald R. Urbach
Of course, before advertisers can begin to think about marketing wearable technology, consumers have to embrace it, which brings us back to Fitbit.
By Alan Hahn, Gabrielle White
In recent years, plan sponsors have seen a surge of litigation claiming that plan administrators breached their fiduciary duty by allegedly charging excessive 401(k) plan fees, a violation...
By Joseph Cioffi, James Serritella
Years ago, "show me the note" contagion took hold in the subprime mortgage market.
By Daniel Feinstein, Kristopher Reichardt
On July 19, 2017, the New York State Workers' Compensation Board (the Board) issued its final regulations for the New York Paid Family Leave Benefits Law (PFL), which becomes effective January 1, 2018.
By Michael Lasky
My June 16 article addressed a few common pitfalls faced by public relations firms when they are required to negotiate using their client's form of contract.
By Ronald R. Urbach
Last week, leading lawyers, regulators and marketers attended the 38th Annual Brand Activation Association (BAA) Marketing Law Conference in Chicago.
By Ronald R. Urbach
As mentioned, at BAA I gave a presentation on the interplay of marketing and advertising law to activate brands.
By Ronald R. Urbach
As mentioned, at BAA I gave a presentation on the interplay of marketing and advertising law to activate brands.
By Joseph Cioffi
In a recent Asset Securitization Report article, Joseph Cioffi examines how the President's campaign rhetoric and post-election plans may support a court ruling that a class action lawsuit...
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