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Switzerland is a very attractive place of residence taxwise for EC nationals.
Corporation tax relief on company contributions to a Funded Unapproved Retirement Benefit Scheme (usually for identified senior employees) will cease with effect from 1 April 2006.
Recently, there has been a marked increase in the level of interest in outsourcing within the trust administration arena.
When you work for twenty years in an industry such as the offshore trust industry, it is inevitable that you start to take an interest in how it all began – where and when did the trust concept arise? Why did it come into being and how has the concept developed over the centuries
Wealth means luxury toys and the most luxurious of all has to be the yacht. Whether a sleek 45 knot, 25 metre power-cruiser, or a state of the art ocean going racer-sailer, the wealthy international businessman will want to play with one at some time in his life
By Gerry Williams
The recent implementation of laws enforcing the licensing of trust companies in Guernsey has helped raise standards across the board, creating common standards, such as the four-eyes process, to which all trust providers have to comply
There has been significant media coverage regarding the Inland Revenue’s seemingly continual attack on EBTs in recent months. Following the outcome of the Dextra/Caudwell case in July 2002 (in which the Revenue lost on all 4 counts), new legislation effecting the tax treatment of contributions to an EBT was introduced in the Pre-Budget Statement (November 2002)
By David Archer
By David Archer
By David Archer
By David Archer
By David Archer
By David Archer
By David Archer