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By Hannesson Murphy
As most multi-state employers already know, California is inimical to employer-employee non-compete agreements; indeed, the state even has a statute saying as much
By David Pryzbylski
With their numbers on a continued decline, private sector American unions are on the search for new members.
By David Pryzbylski
Iowa recently passed a law that significantly curtails the powers of its public sector unions. Specifically, the law drastically limits the subjects over which those unions can bargain, primarily to wages.
By Jeanine Gozdecki
We knew this question would be asked. On Sept. 7, a petition was filed in this country's highest court, asking it to settle the ongoing debate of whether Title VII's prohibition against sex discrimination...
By Michael Palmer, Jeff Papa, Mariana Richmond
On Sept. 5, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security began an "orderly wind down" of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).
By John Corbett
A powerful storm pummels your city with high winds and heavy rains.
By Michael A Battle, Roscoe C Howard, Jr., Patrick Miles
The early months of the Trump administration have brought about the resignations of the two most prominent lawyers behind the U.S. Department of Justice's recent campaign against corporate wrongdoing.
By David Pryzbylski
A broad look at the U.S. labor relations landscape shows it is a mixed bag for labor groups at the moment. In its just-released annual poll tracking public support for labor unions...
By Gerald Lutkus
You can't force employees to sign confidentiality agreements that prohibit them from disclosing "non-public information intended for internal purposes" or that bar them from speaking with any "media source"...
By Charles Edwards
The recent flooding in Houston in the wake of Hurricane Harvey serves as a vivid reminder that losses caused by weather events and natural disasters are becoming all too familiar sights.
By David Pryzbylski
On the heels of a major election loss at Nissan in Canton, Mississippi, the United Auto Workers (UAW) union has shifted focus to another car manufacturer in which it has no current foothold: Tesla.
By Norma Zeitler
It's the end of summer. Our children are returning to school, the evenings are turning a bit cool and hospitals are educating their workforces on mandatory flu vaccination programs.
By Donald Lawless
In a move that affects every U.S. business with 100 or more employees, the federal OMB has leveraged the PRA to direct the EEOC to immediately stay the effectiveness of the EEO-1 form issued Sept. 29, 2016...
By Joshua B. Rosenberg
Manufacturers and producers are keenly aware of the value provided by business interruption coverage.
By David Pryzbylski
A Seattle ordinance that grants drivers for Uber, Lyft and other similar ride-hailing companies the right to form unions remains on hold after an Aug. 29 federal court ruling.
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