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By Katherine Sandberg
Sacramento attorney Katherine P. Sandberg, in her bylined article for The Recorder titled "SCOTUS Justices Feed Cake to Employers This Term," looks at the Supreme Court's recent decisions affecting employers.
By Fisher & Philips LLP
These FAQs address many employment-related issues facing employers in the wake of hurricane-related disasters; consequently, in addition to federal laws ...
By David Amaya, Megan Walker
In their bylined piece for the San Diego Daily Transcript titled "No more #MeToo? 11 bills await Brown's signature," San Diego Partner David Amaya and Associate Megan Walker examine the eleven sexual harassment-related bills that recently passed the California legislature and are currently awaiting action by Gov. Jerry Brown.
By Steven Bernstein, John Polson
In a move that has been anticipated for several months, the National Relations Labor Board today published a proposed rule that would fundamentally alter the definition of joint employment ...
By Michael Marra, Justin Reiter
The scope of New York City's marital status discrimination law was just expanded by a state appeals court, meaning that employers need to be even more wary when it comes to any workplace decisions ...
By Marty Heller
Last month, the United States Department of Labor (USDOL) Wage and Hour Division announced that it would hold public listening sessions, inviting members of the public to comment on the FLSA's...
By Melody Rayl
With the seemingly ever-increasing propensity for America's youth to resort to violence to resolve conflict—real or imagined—school administrators are collectively searching for guidance in preventing violence before it occurs.
By Megan Walker
As anyone who has spent a weekend binging an entire season of Stranger Things or The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel can tell you, society's consumption of television has shifted dramatically in the last several years.
By Fisher & Philips LLP
The list could go for pages if we consider emergency responders, police, various civil servants and countless others.
By Lisa Vickery
As Lisa notes, unions must now demonstrate their value to retain membership while cutting back on expenses.
By Andrew Froman
Our client, we'll call them Company X, provides installation, connection, upgrades and repairs for one of the country's largest providers of residential and commercial television, telephone
By Brian Ellixson
This summer, several automakers, including Tesla, Toyota, General Motors, Ford, and Volkswagen learned that their closely held trade secrets were readily available on the internet.
By Darin Mackender
It goes without saying that federally funded educational institutions cannot discriminate on the basis of gender.
By Susan Guerette
For the first time, a court used a civil rights law to hold a school district financially accountable in a case of student bullying.
By Jeffrey Dretler
The EPA has been proposed, yet failed to pass, in prior legislative sessions, but proponents of the bill are hopeful that the time is right for these privacy protections to be put into place.
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