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Contributor Most Read
Contributor Most Read
By Daniel Leslie
The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) has released a discussion paper on the proposed implementation of the final Basel III reforms in Canada.
By Michael Viner
It is time for organizations to think ahead and prepare for new requirements imposed under the Digital Privacy Act.
By Gregory Bordan, Sara Zborovski
This may well be a signal to the industry that Health Canada intends to actively enforce that Act when it does come into force.
By Jonathan Chong, Brian R. Daley, Jordana Sanft
The Federal Court dismissed Apotex's action to invalidate the claims of Canadian Patent No. 2,527,646, which was consolidated with Shire's application to prohibit the Minister of Health...
By Simone Nash
In a recent post about Canadian proxy contest trends, we discussed the growing concern with "The Active Passive investor" and potential issues on the horizon given a surge in the use of "withhold" campaigns.
By Stéphane Erickson, Karen Jensen
The Supreme Court of Canada has released its much-anticipated decision in Quebec (Attorney General) v Alliance du personnel professionnel et technique de la santé et des services sociaux.
By Anthony De Fazekas
Supercluster or cluster is a reference to research by economists Michael Porter around what makes communities competitive and especially innovative communities.
By Anthony De Fazekas
In these videos, we look at the supercluster concept and how these superclusters will support frictionless IP as well create and monetize data in Canada.
By Troy Ungerman
On May 31, 2018 the United States (U.S.) government announced that it would be imposing tariffs on a number of Canadian products, including steel and aluminum at a rate of 25% and 10% respectively.
By Gregory Bordan, Sara Zborovski
On June 21, the Cannabis Act (Act) received royal assent and we now know that as of October 17, adult-use cannabis will be legal in Canada, subject to the requirements of the Act and its regulations.
By Kayla K. Strong, Penny Washington
She also concluded a brain-dead person does not qualify as a "person" who can assert Charter rights.
By Ahad Ahmed
On June 21, 2018, Bill C-45, the Cannabis Act (the "Act") was granted Royal Assent, resulting in the official passing of the legislation for legalizing cannabis in Canada.
By Daniel Leslie
OSFI has provided greater transparency to the market surrounding the Domestic Stability Buffer currently held by Domestic Systemically Important Banks in a bid to guard against Pillar 2 risks...
By Troy Ungerman
As previously noted, businesses are keen to shine their spotlights on the surge of disruptive technology, particularly with the opportunities it stands to introduce, the existing standards it proposes to displace, and the upside it promises for bottom lines.
By Michael Bunn, Elana M. Hahn, Matthew Lau
On June 14, 2018, the CSA published Proposed National Instrument 93-101 Derivatives: Business Conduct and Proposed Companion Policy 93-101 Derivatives: Business Conduct for a 95-day comment period, expiring on September 17, 2018.
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