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By Stephanie Stimpson, John Emanoilidis, Michael Pedlow, Andrew Cooley
Increases in U.S. production coupled with increased costs and regulatory uncertainty in Canada have contributed to a general investment decline in Canada's oil and gas sector since the highs of 2014.
By Andrew Beck, Mile T. Kurta, Karrin Powys-Lybbe, Cornell Wright
This simple tweet on August 7 by Tesla CEO Elon Musk sent social media—and indeed the business world—into a frenzy. The tweet caused Tesla's stock price to rise for a short time,
By David Mattingly, Scott Semer, Peter Keenan
In 2017, the U.S. Congress enacted landmark tax legislation known informally as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.
By Guy Berman, Laurie Duke, Stefan Stauder, Brett Saulnier
The Canadian M&A markets have remained active in 2018, with private equity investors taking advantage of strong market conditions
By Patricia McMahon, Andrew Bernstein
One of the new provincial government's most controversial early initiatives was reducing the size of Toronto City Council.
By Nick Kennedy, Tyson Dyck, Scott Kraag
Renewable energy and electricity prices were a hot topic in the 2018 Ontario election, and Doug Ford's government wasted no time in making a splash in this area after taking office.
By John Terry, Nick Kennedy, Myriam Seers, T. Ryan Lax, Ronak Shah, Michele Clarizio
The September 30 agreement that renegotiates NAFTA—United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA)—updates the more than two decade old trade deal.
By Yael Bienenstock, Andrew Bernstein
Over the last 10 years, asking the courts to judicially review the legality of administrative decision-making in Canada has become an expensive gamble, with low odds.
By John Emanoilidis, Andrew Gray, Stefan Stauder, Mile T. Kurta, Jaclyn Leader
On October 1, the Delaware Court of Chancery concluded that German healthcare company Fresenius SE was not required to close its acquisition of Akorn, Inc.
By Mark Bain, Jessica Earle
Drinking water quality on Indigenous reserves stands to improve thanks to recently announced federal funding ...
By Blair Keefe, David Seville, Eli Monas
Canada's bank recapitalization (bail-in) regime has officially taken effect.
By Rima Ramchandani, John Emanoilidis, Lisa Talbot, Molly Reynolds, Sophie Courtois
These crises have the potential to affect so many dimensions of business - its bottom line, reputation, morale, productivity and the strategic direction and prospects of a company.
By Eileen McMahon, Teresa Reguly, Kevin Tuohy, Edward Fan, Yolande Dufresne, Tasha De Freitas, Michele Clarizio, Alicja Puchta
Canada's current intellectual property laws, including the imminent amendments to the Trademarks Act and Industrial Designs Act, are largely compliant with the obligations imposed by the USMCA.
By David Mattingly, Cheryl Reicin, Scott Semer
The IRS has signaled its willingness to consider relaxing one of the chief requirements for a U.S. tax-deferred corporate spin-off—the requirement that the business being spun off ordinarily be revenue-generating.
By John Fabello, Gillian Dingle, Molly Reynolds
Can the confidentiality protections under the Securities Act (Act) shield evidence from disclosure in freedom of information requests?
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