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By Günther Leissler, János Böszörményi
End of July, the Austrian Data Protection Authority ('DPA') published its first decision on retention periods applying the General Data Protection Regulation ('GDPR'; DSB-D216.471/0001-DSB/2018).
By Dániel Gera, Dorottya Gindl
The Hungarian Parliament has recently adopted legislation with the aim of harmonising the national data protection rules with the rules of the GDPR, and supplementing the national rules in areas not regulated by the GDPR.
By Galina Petkova
On 19 July, 2018 the Bulgarian Commission for the Protection of Competition (the "CPC") prohibited two concentrations.
By Victoria Pernt, Marina Stanisavljevic
Following up on Efficient Arbitration – Part 2: Launching an Efficient Arbitration, where we addressed efficiency tools available at the early stages, we now provide an overview of options...
By Victoria Pernt, Marina Stanisavljevic
Kicking off our series on efficiency in arbitration, our first article, Efficient Arbitration – Part 1: Metrics sets out our idea of an efficient arbitration:
By Gergely Szalóki
The Hungarian banking transaction tax drives market players and private individuals to use cash rather than electronic payment methods.
By Jitka Kadlčíková, Vladimír Čížek
From the selected decisions made in the corporate sphere in 2017, it follows that higher-level courts are adhering to their existing interpretative practices.
By Helena Hangler, Lenka Kubická
The year 2018 saw many changes in labour law. In this article we will focus on the increase of the minimum and guaranteed wage, the introduction of a paternity allowance, and the newest case...
By Andreas Natterer, Thomas Kulnigg, Michaela Pohl
Patients nowadays have access to an enormous range of medical knowledge through social media, websites and health apps.
By Claudia Bock
Restrictive clauses are common in commercial lease agreements. Such clauses can limit a landlord's ability to lease property to other tenants
By Dagmar Hozová, Nina Zafoschnig
The Danube is the longest river in Central Europe, and thus has significant economic potential. However, the full potential of the Danube as a major transport route has not yet been exploited.
By Christoph Haid, Franz Urlesberger, Volker Weiss, Hanno Wollmann
In the second half of 2017 both Austria and Germany introduced transaction value based thresholds as alternatives to purely turnover based thresholds that trigger the obligation to obtain merger control approval.
By Dániel Gera, Dorottya Gindl
Under certain circumstances, companies may decide to restructure their internal organisation in order to:
By Johannes Stalzer
More than four years after the entry into force of the new EU Public Procurement Directive (2014/24/EU), more than two years after the deadline for transposition and more than one year...
By Kinga Hetényi, Adrian Menczelesz
Hungarian law has always permitted shareholders of a company to limit the power of the company's managing director(s). Thus, it has also been allowed to appoint a managing director without any right to represent the company.
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