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By Devon Huber, Garrett Louie, Nupur Rishi
The opening of new markets, potential for limitless growth and removal of barriers to free trade are increasingly making it ...
By Crowe MacKay LLP
McLaren North America is moving its headquarters from midtown Manhattan to near Dallas, having outgrown its original office, the company announced Thursday.
By Crowe MacKay LLP
General Motors and Google are teaming up to install the tech giant's voice assistant and apps, including Google Maps, into GM vehicles beginning in 2021.
By Crowe MacKay LLP
By Crowe MacKay LLP
More than 1,500 car shoppers said they avoid electric cars because they're too expensive, don't offer a usable range, or because they don't have access to a charger, a new report found.
By Crowe MacKay LLP
Fourteen years ago, it took vision to see the promise of rearview cameras in the auto industry. Regulators hadn't set any requirements regarding rear visibility
By Robert Flux
To make payments, for individual and business accounts, with the Canada Revenue Agency, your main options are:
By Crowe MacKay LLP
The economic consensus is in: The U.S. and China are in a trade war. A year ago, the economists in a monthly survey by The Wall Street Journal
By Crowe MacKay LLP
According to Insurance Claim Data Powerful, big-engined vehicles top the list compiled by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.
By Crowe MacKay LLP
Results from the world's largest car maker are no guide to events in the global auto industry, but they do highlight how investors
By Crowe MacKay LLP
A year ago, Detroit and Silicon Valley had visions of putting thousands of self-driving taxis on the road in 2019, ushering in an age of driverless cars.
By Crowe MacKay LLP
Barely three weeks ago, Daimler AG dialed back profit expectations for the year. The move was seen as a housekeeping exercise to allow Chief Executive Officer Ola Kallenius to start with a clean slate.
By Crowe MacKay LLP had run self-driving prototype cars since 2018.
By Crowe MacKay LLP
Think of them as a co-pilot, not the Autopilot of Tesla's marketing parlance but a wingman that amplifies human skills instead of replacing them.
By Crowe MacKay LLP
That's what the police in the Australian state of Victoria are thinking at the moment, anyway.
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