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By Diana Wierbicki, Sharon Ser, Jocelyn Tsao
In this podcast, we look at how art can be divided during the divorce settlement process. Our host and art lawyer Diana Wierbicki talks to Sharon Ser and Jocelyn Tsao, divorce ...
By Sharon Whitehouse, Isaac Qureshi
In Labour's 2019 General Election Manifesto, the party has signalled its desire to reform comprehensively corporate governance.
By Agnes Macduff, Graham Webster
With the political hunt on to find extra tax revenues in order to end austerity, both Labour and the Conservatives have the Entrepreneur's Relief (ER) scheme firmly in their sights.
By Christina Morton
With the general election just over a week way, the three main parties – Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat – have all now released their Manifestos.
By Christina Morton
The headline ambition for the Liberal Democrats is ‘to stop Brexit', although their tone on that subject has now shifted slightly in light of their flat lining performance in the polls.
By Christina Morton
The key to future Conservative employment protection policy may well be found in this passage from the Manifesto:
By Christina Morton
The Labour Manifesto contains some genuinely radical proposals on employment rights. Key proposals include a 32 hour working week within 10 years
By Ceri Vokes
In this video, Ceri Vokes looks at the manifestos of the Labour party and Conservative party, and specifically what has been said and proposed in relation to income tax and capital gains tax.
By Libby Payne, Rachel Hawkins
For some time now the government has been planning to align the obligations of certain medium-sized and large private sector businesses to those in the public sector
By Libby Payne, Ashley Williams
Voice assistants (whether in smart speakers or in our phones or other devices) can help us accomplish many tasks very quickly with a simple voice command.
By Charlie Tee, Ed Cubitt
The Labour party's election manifesto and its accompanying ‘Funding Real Change' report promise dramatic increases in taxation to fund a series of ambitious spending pledges, as detailed in our previous article on the topic
By Charlie Tee, Ed Cubitt
The last of the major national party election manifestos has been published, with the appearance of the Conservative manifesto on 24 November.
By Claire Harris, Charlie Tee, Sophie Carr
Clients often ask us for advice on either becoming UK resident or on what happens when a person leaves the UK and whether UK residence ceases on departure.
By Giulia Trojano
Conceptual art is not new but with Marina Abramovich's retrospective shortly opening at the Royal Academy and appetite from institutions and the market alike
By Charlie Tee
We have been asked a number of questions by clients over the last months about what a political change might mean for them and what certain proposed policies might look like. In this video,...
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