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Arnold & Porter
By John Barker, John Bellinger, III, Charles Blanchard, Ronald Lee, Nancy L. Perkins, Nicholas Townsend, Tom McSorley
Below we describe key elements of the proposed rules on which interested parties may wish to submit comments.
By Ethan Shenkman
That natural gas will be burned in those power plants.
By Samuel Goodman, Danielle N. Craft
The CJEU will leave it to the EU member states' national regulators to assess these measures.
By Scott Feira, John P. Elwood, Peter J. Schildkraut
Opponents of the 2018 Order had a similarly expansive reading of the court's rejection of the attempt at preemption.
By Alan Rothman
Welcome to the latest installment of And Now a Word from the Panel, a column which "rides the circuit" with the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation as it meets on a bimonthly basis at venues around the country.
By Colette R. Deamer
Viridis's use of the BOSWELAN mark during the clinical trial was purely internal in nature.
By Murad Hussain, Kirk Ogrosky, Nora Schneider
The trial was bifurcated into two evidentiary phases: falsity and knowledge.
By Kirk Ogrosky, Michael A. Rogoff, Murad Hussain, Emily Reeder
This case may be over, but DOJ's interest in private equity firms that operate in areas with significant FCA exposure is not.
By Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer LLP
The last century has seen the rise of treaties building access to justice within alternative dispute resolution (ADR).
Mr. Elwood said: "Allon is one of the most talented Supreme Court advocates in the country.
Each plaintiff seeks compensatory damages from the government for its intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligence.
By Colette R. Deamer
On 7 June 2019 a European Directive came into force amending the 1993 ‘Cable and Satellite' Directive.
By Sebastian Jungermann
„Killer Acquisitions" im engeren Sinne liegen vor, wenn Unternehmen aufgekauft werden, um das Unternehmen bzw. die Technologie
By Francesca Pisano, Vernon G. Ross
This case involved a departure from typical antitrust settlement procedures under the Tunney Act.
By Thomas A. Shannon, Jr., John Bellinger, III
Donald Trump should use the U.N. General Assembly as an opportunity to open dialogue with Mohammad Javad Zarif.
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