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By Ihor Kravtsov, Victoria Korneyuk
The court as a legal institution is intended to secure human rights, freedoms and legitimate interests, create the necessary guarantees for the exercise thereof and develop the effective mechanism
By Evris Law Firm
In the legal business, like in sports, there are no half-measures. The most important thing in a competition is not just participation, but victory. An ambitious law company will never be satisfied...
By Sergiy Benedysiuk, Yuliya Yanyuk
After the recent presidential and parliamentary elections, the Internet was full with the news about the plans to establish the agricultural land market in Ukraine until the end of 2019.
By Evris Law Firm
EVRIS law firm has been known on the Ukrainian legal market since 2017 as a strong team of litigators and corporate lawyers with a significant international background.
By Maksym Zamikhovskiy
The NBU's accession to the Memorandum on cooperation in developing a mechanism for verifying information about the beneficial owners (the "Memorandum") is quite logical and even is expected according to the obligation...
By Kateryna Breduliak
The majority of individual entrepreneurs, who using the simplified taxation system (STS), do not use payment transactions recorders (PTRs).
By Sergiy Benedysiuk, Yuliya Yanyuk
Private equity (hereinafter "PE") is important for growing and strengthening Ukrainian businesses in all industry sectors. However, the PE market is still in the recovery mode is the recovery mode after the crisis of 2008...
By Ihor Kravtsov
Property – one of the crucial values protected by law. It composes a stratum of legal relationships achieving special status in both public and private spheres of people`s life.
By Alexander Molotai
The Ukraine Trademark Law (Law of Ukraine On Protection of Rights in Trademarks and Service Marks) defines a trademark as a sign, capable of distinguishing goods and services of one entity from those of other entities.
By Sergii Papernyk, Kateryna Breduliak
With the increasing growth of financial services industry countries should be aware of the risks involved in hiding the illegal origin of money.
By Anastasia Zhulina
These are the most frequently asked questions for all professionals in the market. In recent years, law firms have begun to understand the need for branding. Most of them are trying to differentiate
By Andriy Reun
The year 2019 could become a year of far-reaching changes in international tax for Ukraine.
By Yulya Stusova, Andriy Hradov
Revisiting of the procedure codes was one of the important components of the Judicial Sector Reform Strategy 2015-2020 implementation.
By Yulya Stusova, Andriy Hradov
In our opinion, such approach makes the institution of appeal of a judgment by a person that was not a party in the case only theoretical and illusory.
By Yulya Stusova, Artur Wolf
The parliament suggested yet another initiative to cope with hostiles takeovers, namely to increase sanctions imposed on state registrars for committed wrongdoings.