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By Malcolm Lynch, Daniel Lewis
This is helpful for persons who may be at risk of personal threat of harm because of their public profile or sensitive occupation.
By Malcolm Lynch, Fiona Wharton
Fiona has worked in the charity sector since qualification in 2000, including previously as Comic Relief's first in house lawyer
By Donna Radcliffe
The MEES regulations prohibit the grant of any new leases of buildings with an energy efficiency rating as shown on an EPC of below an E.
By Alacoque Marvin
If someone is employed illegally, will they have any rights under the employment contract or any protection under employment law?
By Lynne Bradey
The Public Guardian is able to look into these concerns.
By Michael Crowther
Consultations are a useful way to provide feedback on particular topics and represent a real opportunity for individuals and organisations to provide working knowledge and practical experience on the issues the government is seeking to tackle.
By Alacoque Marvin
As temperatures soar, we consider some of the current hot topics for employers in four complex and interesting cases in the EAT and Court of Appeal.
By Michael Crowther
Court of Appeal confirms perceived disability discrimination claims are permissible under the Equality Act 2010
By Emma Ridge
We are increasingly coming across groups who are facing hurdles in accessing the Community Housing Fund.
By Alacoque Marvin
Making a covert recording could be gross misconduct in some circumstances but the recording may be admissible in the employment tribunal
By Emma Ridge
Proposed community led-housing exemption
By Michael Crowther
Employers need to have a clear non-discriminatory reason for action when dealing with religious expression
By Alacoque Marvin, Callum Pooler
Keeping Children Safe in Education: revised statutory guidance is expected to be in place from 2 September 2019.
By Laura Moss
How might community-led housing help in providing enough rental housing for our ageing population?
By Laura Moss, Elizabeth Wilson
We are seeing an increasing number of town councils and parish councils explore the possibility of using their surplus land for community-led housing.
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