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By Hewitsons LLP
In the case of Meier v BT the Northern Ireland Court of Appeal (CA) had to consider whether an employer had sufficient knowledge of a job applicant's disabilities to trigger the employer's duty
By Lucinda Brown
The recent case of Cowan v Foreman considers the effectiveness of standstill agreements (agreements between the lawyers to defer the claim until after the legal deadline) in claims under the Inheritance Act 1975.
By Tobias Gleed-Owen
Two new reports on different aspects of financial vulnerability have recently been released.
By Francesca Rossi
The High Court is attempting to disentangle a complex family trust case. In Rogge v Rogge wealthy parents put millions into a trust for their young son who became severely disabled as a result of a Polo accident.
By Rachel Hawkins
F was appointed as Deputy for his brother, M, who had become mentally incapable. M, has an estate of over £17 million, and investment income of £123,000 a year.
By Carolyn Bagley
HMRC opened investigations into almost one in four of the 22,000 estates on which IHT was due in the 2018-2019 tax year, according to a freedom of information request submitted by wealth advisors Quilter.
By Hewitsons LLP
We wanted to move to a larger house, but now the house next door has come on to the market. Our home is one half of a semi-detached pair of listed cottages - could I buy the house next door
By Hewitsons LLP
My neighbour wants to buy my two acre paddock. I'm happy to sell the land as I'm not currently using it, but I have a suspicion that he may want to sell it as a housing plot at a later
By Tiffany Benson
The trustees of the Glenfinnan Settlement are being sued by Mrs Ashley Dawson-Damer and her two children, Piers and Adelicia, regarding the disposition of the trust's assets.
By Stephanie Dennis
There is a consultation seeking views on options for reform of agricultural tenancy law.
By Rachel Hawkins
The HM Courts & Tribunals Service announced they are changing its system for alerting charities when money has been left to them in someone's Will.
By Alexandra Svennevik
Persons appointed as a deputy by the Court of Protection are reporting difficulty dealing with employees of financial service providers, utility companies and local authorities, say experts.
By Alexandra Svennevik
In our February update we featured your right to claim LPA refunds, which can be found here. In summary where an LPA was registered between 1 April 2013 and 31 March 2017
By Julian Bishop
A council tenant who let out his flat on Airbnb was evicted by Westminster City Council and ordered to pay an unlawful profits order of over £100 000.
By Joe Taylor
In a recent High Court case the scope of broadly worded rights of entry reserved to a landlord under a lease were considered.
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