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By Paul O'Halloran
Article highlights that employers should continue to manage their risk around casual employees & provides risk mitigation tips.
By Elizabeth Flatley, Maryanne Pollifrone
Article discusses the new laws, the reason for those new laws, their impact and what you should do.
By Debbie Kaminskas, Landis Michaels, Elle Mariconte
This appellate approach re-affirms a reluctance to alter a primary judge's assessment of quantum in personal injury cases.
By Duane Keighran, Sonali Fernando
The Court held that the sublessee was bound after signing and submitting the sublease, before the sublessor had signed.
By Hamish Ratten, Toby Blyth, Michael Bracken
Cash (payment) is being replaced with various forms of electronic non-cash payments, to create records of transaction.
By Michael Bracken, Toby Blyth, Kate Craig, Hamish Ratten
A Restricted ADI licence provides eligible applicants with an earlier opportunity to conduct limited banking activities.
By Andrew Tulloch
Community service flight operators should consider their operational risks and the safety benefits of commercial flights.
By Samala Nancarrow, Sara McRostie
Employees can have their own opinions, but their social media activity must not conflict with their employment duties.
By Stuart Hetherington
Express terms in the bill of lading were found to be effective to exclude liability for negligence and unseaworthiness.
By Felicity Parkhill, James Antonenas
Insurer successfully establishes legitimate forensic purpose for issuing notice to produce all her Facebook records.
By Andrew Probert, Carlita Bloecker
There was no legal professional privilege over the Investigation Report as dominant purpose was to determine liability.
By Stuart Hetherington
The inadequate passage plan caused the casualty and owners failed to exercise due diligence to make the vessel seaworthy.
By Melissa Fenton, Sarah Roper
What happens when the expert ventures outside the realm of specialised knowledge?
By Stuart Hetherington
Does cargo seized by local authorities causing a delay fall under the definition of government interferences in the contract?
By Melissa Fenton, Maddison Ives
This case discusses when a risk will be "obvious" within the meaning of section 5L of the Civil Liability Act 2002 (NSW).
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