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By Alexandra Haverkamp
The Mascot and Opal Towers crises have raised questions to legislative and certifying regimes for purchaser protections.
By Alexandra Tsingoida
The issue of free speech in Australia is likely to see a resurgence again in the highly publicised case of Israel Folau.
By Kyle Bridge
Article explains how the NSW state government could end up footing the bill for the Opal Tower disaster.
By Shayne Lopeman
Kells will offer free legal advice on compensation, crime, conveyancing or estate planning at the Spring into Corrimal festival.
By Karena Nicholls
Intentional torts to the person involve direct, intentional or wilful invasions of their physical and mental integrity.
By Kareena Spiteri
Without a written agreement, there is no evidence of the actual agreement reached with respect to essential lease terms.
By Nicki McNamara
His daughter is preparing a legal challenge for a share of her father's estate, claiming inadequate family provision.
By David Potts
Any claims for unlawful termination or unfair dismissal should be filed within 21 days of the date of dismissal.
By Mark Evans
You first need to try to resolve the matter amicably with your neighbour, before a court will make any order for access.
By Mitchell Micevski
Following the Hayne Royal Commission, class actions against banks have increased, for various actions of misconduct.
By Mark Evans
Under the LGA, a council employee (or any other authorised person) may enter any premises to exercise council functions.
By Franca Parolin, Bill McLaughlin
Parents should approach any parenting issues in a collaborative manner, with regard to the best interests of the child.
By Michael Mobberley
The Court found that none of the arguments could override the fact that ARS had failed to operate its business as agreed.
By Mark Evans, Michaela O'Connor
To demonstrate that an obstruction of sunlight is severe, you may need to give evidence to show the impact of the hedge.
By Jarrad Downs
Article outlines changes to off-the-plan contracts.