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Holding Redlich
By Scott Alden, Victoria Gordon, Jeffery Shi
The new Guidelines should be adopted by all NSW government agencies to implement a more sophisticated control framework.
By Kyle Siebel
Payment claims must satisfy the formality requirements under section 14(2) of the SOP Act to ensure their effectiveness.
By Lisa Fitzgerald, Madeleine Griffiths, Alicia Bray
The risks associated with operating a public Facebook page have increased under Australian (state-based) defamation law.
By Natashia Ackroyd, Nikhi Wagstaff
Property investors and developers should be aware of how these changes could impact their developments and investments.
This newsletter includes links and summaries to media releases and new developments relating to the healthcare industry.
By Scott Alden
Modern slavery and procurement legislation have been introduced, and then delayed, amid ongoing debate and discussion.
This newsletter includes links to recent media releases, reports and cases relating to competition and consumer law.
By Scott Alden, Victoria Gordon
The NEC4 suite may be a preferred alternative to the AS4000 standard construction contracts currently used in Australia.
By Blair Beven
Japanese IP lawyers objected to celebrity Kim Kardashian's proposed trademark 'Kimono' for her body shape solutions line.
This newsletter includes summaries & links to recent media releases, reports, and cases relating to work health & safety.
By Christine Jones, Kim Nguyen
This bulletin has links to media releases, reports, cases, legislation and issues of interest to NSW government lawyers.
By Lisa Fitzgerald, Emily Booth
Australian businesses conducting activities in the EU should take note of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
By Paul Venus, Suzy Cairney
This bulletin has links to media releases, reports, cases and legislation of interest to Queensland government lawyers
By Ian Robertson, Madison Tonkes
The inquiry examined the adequacy of the current regulatory scheme around the Australian film and television industry.
By Joseph Monaghan
ABC Four Corners program 'Cash Splash' looked at the alleged waste of taxpayer money under the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.
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