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Article outlines some of the frequently asked questions that often arise at the start of a personal injury matter.
By Adelaide Ryan
Article explains court authorised wills & when to apply for a court authorised will and testatmentary capacity.
By Josephine Heesh
Article describes how section 63 of the Duties Act 1997 (NSW) affects distribution of assets from an estate?
By Selwyn Black, James Pinkerton
Article discusses results of recent case which indicates that privilege & privacy are diminished in the hacking & digital age.
By Nadia Grech
Article advises injured employees what to do after notifying their employer of their injury & completing the claim form.
By Nadia Grech
Article answers frequently asked questions relating to the Victorian Work Cover Scheme when lodging a Victorian WorkCover Claim.
By Justine Anderson, Jennifer Rooke
Case discussion - did a hospital fail in its duty of care when failing to take precautions and initiate medical treatment?
By Dane Twohill, Nathan Hawkins
The government will establish a one stop shop for disputes involving workers compensation and CTP claims in NSW.
By Martin Slattery
This TRG decision could play a critical role in the future as more and more States implement deed set-aside provisions.
By Kristie James
Resolving a family law dispute is an expensive and time-consuming process, that unfortunately, we may find ourselves in.
By Joshua Dale
Current developments & recent updates in the areas of Motor Accident Compensation & Workers Compensation in NSW.
By Josephine Heesh
How does section 63 of the Duties Act 1997 (NSW) affect the distribution of assets to beneficiaries of a deceased estate?
By Hanaan Indari, Sam Akon
This case shows potential delays and increased costs of family provision claims if a death tax is introduced in Australia.
By Charles Harrison, Nadia Grech
Accurate and up-to-date instructions, as a claim progresses, will assist in guiding the plaintiff and managing the case.
By Kristie James
Your asset pool is determined as at the date of any property settlement or Court Order, not at the date of separation.
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