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By Ronit Amir- Yaniv
שנת 2018 הייתה שנת שיא בעולם ההייטק בישראל. אלפי סטארט-אפים נפתחו ומאות סטארט-אפים קיימי
By Amnon Lorch, Guy Sagiv, Avi Schoen
The recent amendment to the Legal Competency and Guardianship Law has revolutionized this sector, primarily because of the new provision allowing for a Durable Power of Attorney.
By Shira Lahat
2019הפועלים של אולי אינם הפועלים של לפני מאה שנה, והזכות לשבות היאזכות מוכרת, אך בשנים הא
By Yarom Romem
Israeli hi-tech and its sources of funding have grown and diversified tremendously since the bubble burst in 2001.
By Ronit Amir- Yaniv
כמו האבים, אקסלרטורים, חללי עבודה לנושאים או מגזרים ייעודיים המעניקים גם אקסלרציה ו
By Amnon Lorch
ירושלים אינה עוד רשות מקומית, מתוך כ–052 רשויות מקומיות בישראל. היא אינה רק עיר האמורה לס
By Adrian Daniels
Would you deposit your best money in a bank without a license? Would you agree that hundreds of thousands of shekels that you saved over the years will be stored in a safe that has only one key - and it is not in your possession?
By Amnon Lorch
היו ימים שמערכות הבחירות געשו סביב נושא ירושלים: תחולק או לא? תתחרד או לא? תהיה חומה או 
By Yoheved Novogroder-Shoshan, Eli Greenbaum, Miriam Friedmann
The primary sources of privacy and data protection law in the State of Israel are the Protection of Privacy Law 1981 (the ‘Privacy Law') ...
By Simon Weintraub
There is no question that China is a very exciting market to conquer. China is the second largest economy in the world and is no longer just a place to cheaply manufacture goods.
By Guy Sagiv, Yigal Arnon & Co
בתקופה האחרונה מתחוללת מהפכה של ממש בישראל בתחום הכשרות המשפטית והאפוטרופסות, בעק"
By Adrian Daniels
While there are the aficionados who will say that cryptocurrencies will free us of the chains of the global financial institutions, on the occasions ...
By Peter Sugarman, Eliran Furman
Early stage funding practices in Israel and Japan shed light on the differences in their business cultures.
By Itamar A. Cohen, Yuval Shalhevet
Many are not aware of this, but within three weeks the Law for the Reduction of Cash Use, 5768 - 2018 (the "Law") will come into effect.
By Eran Lempert, Shay Fahima
A few days ago, the Israel Tax Authority published Income Tax Circular No. 18/2018 on the subject of capital-based compensation based on performance, which was accompanied by publications in the economic press with dramatic headlines.