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By Employment Law Department
In many parts of the world, sexual harassment is a cankerworm that continues to eat deep into the very fabric of the society.
By Perchstone & Graeys
Despite the growing demand for data brought about by the fourth industrial revolution, Nigeria has through the years, been without a comprehensive and single legislation on the protection
By Private Client Group
Whether or not you are aware or have been deliberate about it, you have been ‘planning' for your retirement for a long time.
By Perchstone & Graeys
On October 22, 2018, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) issued a circular pursuant to its Microfinance Policy, Regulatory and Supervisory Framework (April 2011).
By Ikenna Okafor
That was My Father's Wisdom!
By Private Client Group
The story of Chief and Mrs. Brown underscores the importance of insurance in intergenerational wealth management.
By Samuel Ehiwe
I'm in pains! I'm in pains!! I'm in serious pains!!! Those have become common cries of many bank customers who feel betrayed by their respective commercial banks.
By Perchstone & Graeys
It was a Friday like any other for Mr. Paul, a 65 year old Accountant working with a medium sized organisation. Mr. Paul stepped into the office complex at his usual punctual time holding his black brief case and with a smile on his face.
By Labour Law Group
Employees are generally engaged based on their representation of competence and ability to safely and effectively execute assigned tasks.
By Adewoye Temidayo
Evidently, the future where robotic workers will cause a structural change in the nature, pattern and availability of jobs is here, maybe even earlier than anticipated.
By Corporate Commercial Group
It was consequently suspended by the Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment.
By Samuel Ehiwe
In less than a month, Nigerians will be going to the polls to elect a new leadership both in the executive and legislative arms of government.
By Energy Group
In 2018, the Nigerian energy sector presented itself as one with considerable potential to return high yields on investment.
By Ikechukwu Nwakanma
Border security and international trade are two sides of a coin that constantly present significant concern – due to the inherent risk and benefit traditionally associated with both endeavours.
By ICT Group
Man's desire for ‘storytelling' is innate. Newspapers, telephones, radios, etc. have all served at different times as the preferred mode of communicating ideas to broadly dispersed audiences.
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