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By Renae Harg, Gemma Little
Discussion around franchisors & holding companies & their liability for breaches of the FW Act by franchisees or subsidiaries.
By Jessie Poon
The General Protections provisions in the Fair Work Act aim to protect employees from workplace discrimination.
By Renae Harg, Miette Xamon
Do employers have to accommodate smokers, or are employers allowed to implement strict no-smoking policies?
By Mark Cox, Miette Xamon
Employers should have an understanding of the class action settlement system and what it could mean for your business.
By Gemma Little
Ensuring that adequate employee records are maintained is a fundamental and constant requirement of running a business.
By Mark Cox, Renae Harg
Pursuant to accessorial liability provisions, anyone involved in a contravention can be held accountable.
Despite being termed a casual employee, the court found this worker to be a permanent employee and awarded compensation.
This Federal Court ruling highlights complexities in terminating the employment of a employee with mental health issues.
There have been calls for all Australian employees to be entitled to take either paid or unpaid domestic violence leave.
By Mark Cox, Miette Xamon
Employers should ensure safe and secure workplace practices at home are reflected in a clear 'Working from Home' policy.
By Joanne Knoth, Renae Harg
This article includes some practical New Year's resolutions that may minimise the employment law risks for employers.
By Nikita Barsby
The New Year is a great opportunity to review your organisation's workplace relations infrastructure and arrangements.
By Mark Cox, Miette Xamon
There are 5 steps to consider when investigating alleged employee misconduct, to mitigate the risk of legal claims.
By Joanne Knoth, Lauren Wright
The FWC considered whether the dismissal of a senior engineer, for improper use of the company credit card, was unfair.
By Nikita Barsby, Gemma Little
Employers should ensure appropriate policies and procedures can prevent well-meaning employee gifts from becoming gremlins.