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By Ademola Adeyoju
"Big Data" is a relatively new concept that refers to the constant, vast, and seemingly infinite stream of data created by our persistent interaction with technology and smart devices.
By Florence Bola-Balogun
The introduction of the Nigeria Data Protection Regulation issued by the National Information Technology Development Agency in January 2019 has created a shift in how organisations process personal information.
By Tobiloba Oluleye
What is the Rationale for the African Continental Free Trade Agreement?
Save the date: July 3rd 2019
By Perenami Momodu, Odinaka Okoye
Business rescue is a noble concept, which seeks to balance out the interests of both the creditors and the debtor in line with international best practices.
By Tobiloba Oluleye
A person instituting an action (Claimant) must include the Pre-action protocol form 01 with other supporting documents.
By Davidson Oturu
Cambridge Dictionary defines data as "information, especially facts or numbers, collected to be examined and considered and used to help decision-making or information in an electronic form that can be stored and used by a computer".
By Florence Bola-Balogun
Nigeria moved from a country with zero legislation on cyber security to a country with an extensive law with the enactment of the Cybercrime (Prohibition, Prevention, Etc.) Act ("the Act") in 2015.
By Davidson Oturu, Hannatu Dan-Habu, Kanyinsola Ojeshina
Financial technology represents technologies that are disrupting the traditional banking services and revolutionising the financial landscape.
By Moshood Quadri
By a letter to the Senate President dated 28th March 2019, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria declined to assent to the National Housing Fund (Establishment) Bill 2018 which had been earlier passed by the National Assembly.
By Tobiloba Oluleye
Technology has steadily infused every sector of the economy around the globe with unprecedented innovations; one of which is the concept of an electronic system of payment.
By Ademola Adeyoju
Artificial intelligence (AI) technology continues to disrupt every aspect of our lives.
By Ademola Adeyoju
Within the last two decades, the world has made incredible advances in technology. Now, more than ever, nations, institutions, and individuals are pouring huge resources into technological capabilities.
By Gabriel Nwodo, Eseosa Omoruyi
There are also some industry-specific requirements for the approval of expatriate quotas in Nigeria.
By Chioma Okonkwo
The Bill seeks to cure the existing shortcomings of the existing CAMA and bring it in line with global best practices.