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By Wei Lim, David Gilham, Kirby Jukes
A financing term sheet is a document, usually by a lender, giving an overview of the key commercial terms being offered.
By Alex Power, Matt Bradbury, Brad Russell, Stephen White
Queensland is introducing regulations for time-limited cladding-related exclusions for private building certifiers.
By Duncan Bedford, Andrew Bukowski, Emma Murray, Meg Morgan
Foreign persons with registerable water entitlements or contractual water rights must notify the ATO about any changes.
By Damien Clarke, Louise Horrocks, Kate Swain, Dominic McGann, Liam Davis, Peter Stokes
Emerging Issues highlights recent legislative and policy developments which affect the Australian resources industry.
By Scott Butler, Ann Watson, Aleksandra Symenovych, Michael Maconochie
The priority regime in the Corporations Act does apply to payment of trust creditors of an insolvent corporate trustee.
By Matt Bradbury, Russell Thirgood, Ren Niemann, Alex Power, Brittany Parker, Nathan Groves
Licensed electricians are not required to perform this work in relation to the installation of PV modules on solar farms.
By Louise Horrocks, Damien Clarke, Aaron Dahl, Michael Rochester, Meg Morgan, Michael Roche
Australian states and territories decide whether onshore gas exploration and development can occur in their jurisdictions.
By Wei Lim, Kirby Jukes, David Gilham
Article explains mezzanine lenders and some of the more common concessions that they request.
By Louise Horrocks, Andrew Bukowski, Michael Roche
It is uncertain if Australia will be successful in becoming a market leader in hydrogen production and export.
By Stephen White, James Lynagh
Farm insurance policies should be regularly reviewed to ensure adequate coverage for motorbike and quad bike incidents.
By Scarlet Reid, Jason Munstermann, Chris Nielsen, Nathan Roberts, Emily Rayner
Early cooperation with regulators may have a positive impact on civil and criminal penalties for corporate misconduct.
By Stewart Ebbott
Large proprietary companies should be aware of the changes, especially if they could trigger the threshold requirements.
By Louise Horrocks, John Kettle, Andrew Bukowski, Michael Roche
Supporters of renewable energy in Australia must wonder if there could be a loss of momentum in the shift to renewables.
By Louise Horrocks, Damien Clarke, Aaron Dahl, Meg Morgan
These 2019 budget measures could have a direct or indirect effect on the resources and renewables industry in Queensland.
By Duncan Bedford, Melinda Peters, David Hughes
The 2019-20 Queensland budget proposes to finance some significant investments through changes to the current tax regime.
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