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By Kalman Shiner, CPA
The past decade has brought sweeping change to the legal industry, from the influx of Millennials into law firms to growing competition from
By Mark Thomson
Non-public manufacturers and distributors are affected by the 2019 GAAP change in how revenue is recognized. Have you made changes already?
By Harry Fox
Proponents of so-called "effective altruism," also known as strategic giving, have gained footing in recent years.
By Larry Sophian
One of the cornerstones of a successful medical practice is terrific patient service. In a non-medical context, you would call it customer service,
By Steve Lewis
Recent market gyrations have made even strong-stomached investors a little queasy. In general, maintaining your positions in a well-diversified portf
By Robert Swenson, Julie Savarino
More law firms are beginning to reconsider their billing practices, whether in response to client demands, stagnant revenues or other factors
By Michael Kovacs
The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has released a final rule which should make it easier for smaller businesses to provide retirement plans to their employees.
By Robert Swenson
The Roth IRA is an attractive savings vehicle, offering tax-free retirement income and other significant benefits. Unfortunately, income limitations prevent many people
By Marva Flanagan
Foundation Center and GuideStar join forces The Foundation Center, which maintains the most comprehensive database on foundations and their grantmaking, is teaming up with GuideStar, an online database of about 2.7 million not-for-profits.
By Kevin Omahen
Providing the best care for your patients is the most important obligation on which every health care provider is focused. However, for-profit medical practices should also look for ways...
By Amanda Gutierrez
Ransomware is a particularly malicious type of illegal software. Hackers use it to essentially kidnap a computer system and then demand that the system's owner pay a ransom,
By Brandon Vahl
Fraud is not the only reason behind financial restatements. Sometimes they are caused by unintentional errors or omissions, especially as companies record complex transactions or implement new
By Robert Swenson
Congress has passed and President Trump is expected to sign into law a broad package of reforms aimed at the IRS. The Taxpayer First Act contains several new protections for taxpayers
By Jeffrey Newman
The IRS recently announced the inflation-adjusted maximum value of an employer-provided vehicle under the vehicle cents-per-mile rule and the fleet-average value rule
By Christofer Georgiou
Last year, the Harris Poll conducted a survey about investing for the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)-with sobering results.
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