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By Ravit Baram-Mazor
Has the process of the administrative petition "gone bankrupt" and has become an insurmountable barrier to obtaining legal remedy against a local authority in matters with economic aspects?
By Ofer Bar-On
In January of this year (2019), the Antitrust Law, 1988, disappeared, and the Antitrust Authority, the Antitrust Commissioner and the Antitrust Tribunal disappeared.
By Yaron Silver
In 2007, the Tyre Disposal and Recycling Law, 5767-2007 came into effect, which imposed on Tyre suppliers in Israel (manufacturers and importers of new tyres) the duty to collect and recycle most of the tyres used in Israel.
By Dan Or
A prescription argument is a defense argument. The claim is usually heard from the defendant, who seeks to block the plaintiff and to dismiss the claim.
By Salam Hamed
In this article, I will briefly discuss the development of a "planning entity", whose planning and construction law and the regulations enacted thereunder do not recognize it. This entity is called a "policy document".
By Lital Barsheshet
Taxpayers who wish to dispute the charges of municipal taxes imposed on them are often forced to address the question of who is the body authorized to hear their claims - the municipal property manager and the appeals committee ...
By Lital Barsheshet
The world we live in is a world of brands. Almost every single company that seeks to penetrate the market or introduce to the market a new product undergoes a process of business "branding".
By Ofer Bar-On
A new legislative revision of the Israeli Companies Law which entered into force on February 6 2015, deals among other things with the procedure at the meetings of the Audit Committee of a Public Company.