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By Helena Hangler, Rudolf Bicek
The bill also introduces new duties for many employers.
By Christian Schmelz
For the article at hand, Austrian regulations will provide the reference legal order to be compared with that of the new BR.
By Christopher Jünger, Leon Scheicher
The EU Shareholder Rights Directive II (2017/828) (SRD II), amending Directive 2007/36/EC as regards the encouragement of long-term shareholder engagement, must be transposed into national law by 10 June 2019.
By Veronika Wolfbauer, Sandra Kasper
Genome editing designates new methods that allow targeted interventions to be carried out in the genetic material, the genome of a cell (1).
By Miriam Simsa, Philipp Kalser, Clemens Stegner
Incorrect land register entries may trigger public liability. But in a recent decision the Austrian Supreme Court (1 Ob 198/18a) held that incorrect land register entries can only constitute public liability claims for a certain group of people.
By Andreas Natterer, Florian Kusznier
The question arose in the context of (administrative) criminal proceedings against a doctor.
By Madalina Neagu, Iulia Caizer
This is especially troublesome when shareholders aim to regain full ownership of the company.
By Michal Lučivjanský
International Arbitration Comparative Guide for the jurisdiction of Slovakia, check out our comparative guides section to compare across multiple countries
By Galina Petkova, Rosen Manchev
In July 2018, following an in-depth investigation and in a rather hasty and controversial decision, the CPC prohibited the acquisition of the largest media conglomerate in Bulgaria, Nova Broadcasting Group AD...
By Dagmar Hozová
The Austrian regulatory authority E-Control is responsible for ensuring an equal energy market and a fair market price.
By Michael Lindtner
Social Media is omnipresent these days and individuals as well as companies increasingly use these instruments as communication and marketing tools.
By Bernd Rajal, Stefanie Orator-Saghy
EU Regulation 2017/460 (16 March 2017) has established a network code on harmonised transmission tariff structures (TAR NC).
By Monica Cojocaru
The Romanian Ministry of Energy recently finalised the public debate of a document outlining a new mechanism for supporting low-carbon electricity generation, in the form of a Contract for Difference scheme.
By Marko Kapetanović, Gina Grancarić
Croatia introduced significant changes to the Companies Act and the Court Register Act on 20 April 2019 with the main goal of easing the incorporation of (simple) limited liability companies.
By Sascha Hödl, Sascha Schulz
Following the adoption of the new EU framework for screening of foreign direct investments, the Austrian government recently published a draft bill to amend the current rules on foreign direct investments into Austria.
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