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By Charlie McDonald
On May 24, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) issued a final rule permitting federal savings associations with total consolidated assets of $20 billion or less to elect to operate
By Emily Tabatabai, Melanie Phillips, Kyle Kessler
Following in California's footsteps, Nevada has passed a new privacy law providing consumers the right to opt out of the sale of their personal information.
By Jacqui Hatfield
The regulation of cryptoassets is a question that has been troubling lawmakers and regulators across the globe.
By Jaak Poldma
Following the 2017 ICO boom and the more recent declines in cryptocurrency prices, blockchain-related litigation has substantially increased.
By   Orrick
Buyer first argued that the anti-assignment clause could not invalidate the transfer as a matter of Delaware law.
By Giji John
As alternatives to these arrangements, the renewable energy market is increasingly making use of financial trading instruments.
By Nikiforos Mathews, Jonas Robison
The White Paper recommends that small financial end-users be exempt from both the clearing and uncleared margin requirements through a material swaps exposure threshold.
By Mitchell Zuklie
I love first-time founders. They're true believers focused on creating a better future powered by better ideas. They're ready to start a business, possessed with the passion and the grit
By Sven Greulich
For emerging technology companies, gaining access to financial resources is a key challenge. Traditional bank loans are often unavailable,
By Ed Batts
Effective January 1, 2018, California Labor Code Section 432.3 was amended to, among other things, prohibit any employer – public or private – from "seek[ing]" salary and compensation history from applicants for employment.
By Emily Tabatabai, Antony Kim, Kyle Kessler
This past September Governor Brown signed into law Senate Bill 327, which is the first state law designed to regulate the security features of Internet of Things (IoT) devices.
By Jaak Poldma
Without personal jurisdiction over a defendant, a court cannot exercise its powers.
By Bridget Winters
On December 19, HMRC, the UK's counterpart to the US Treasury, published long-awaited (and arguably long overdue) guidance on the taxation of cryptocurrencies (which it refers to as "cryptoassets"), ...
By   Orrick
The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals recently held that a secured creditor's purchase of general unsecured claims to block confirmation of a Chapter 11 plan did not in itself constitute bad faith.
By   Orrick
The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals reminded the plaintiff that standing is "determined as of the commencement of the suit" and post filing claims purchases will not suffice to establish standing.
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