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By Thomas Berg, Anna Cartwright, Christian Trenkel
Implementation of the rent cap could have a significant negative impact on returns for investors in Berlin residential investments—will it be challenged?
By Marc Blackman
The PTAB recently granted a Patent Owner's motion to take additional discovery of Petitioner's expert.
By Yang Li Ph.D. (Alex), Matthew Johnson
On July 2, 2019, Judge Cote of the Southern District of New York issued an opinion that denied a motion for a preliminary injunction ordering the defendant to withdraw its petitions for inter parties review at the PTAB.
By John Emmerig, Michael Legg, Douglas G. Johnson, Lucas Wilk
Large-scale class actions have become a common feature of the legal landscape in Australia.
By Mark Douglas
In doing so, the Second Circuit explained that exposure to the market is the best determinant of value.
By Charles Hodges II
In the third in a series of Jones Day's video presentations on the IRS's Large Business & International Division exam procedures, partner and tax litigator Chuck Hodges explains the Acknowledgment of Facts IDR, ...
By Lamberto Schiona, Anna Masser, Christian Fulda, Margherita Farina
The New Law sets forth a new ad hoc opt-in procedure.
By Kenneth Field, Michael Gleason, Aimee DeFilippo, H. Kristie Xian
Sanford is a vertically integrated healthcare system operating in eight states, including North Dakota.
By Michael R. Fischer, Locke McMurray, Ulf Kreppel, Polly O'Brien
The BoE requests that views be submitted to the discussion paper by September 27.
By Meredith Wilkes, Tracy Stitt, Anthony Insogna
How it started, its programming and networking objectives, and its value to women lawyers careers in IP law.
By John Allan, Douglas A. Wick, Angela M. Doyle
Kaestner ruled that a state's taxation of a trust's income, where the only connection to the state was an in-state beneficiary, violates the Due Process Clause.
By Charles Hodges II
In the second installment of Jones Day's video series on the IRS's Large Business & International Division exam process, partner and tax litigator Chuck Hodges discusses changes in how the division issues ...
By Jones Day
France remains a vibrant market for investors.
By David Maiorana
In a precedential decision, issued June 14, 2019, the Federal Circuit affirmed the PTAB's ruling against the University of Minnesota, declining to dismiss petitions for inter partes review.
By Michael Butowsky, David Bergers, Laura S. Pruitt, Sergio Alvarez-Mena, Jacob C. Greenberg
Broker-dealers will need to review their policies and procedures on the methodology for making recommendations to ensure compliance with the Care Obligation.
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