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By Kilinc Law & Consulting
This is the preliminary survey process carried out before the initiation of the trademark application, in order to fasten the process for the trademark
By Kilinc Law & Consulting
Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are regulated under the Turkish Commercial Code (TCC) No. 6102. Pursuant to the TCC
By Kilinc Law & Consulting
Kılınç Law & Consulting is delighted to announce that the Firm has been invited to represent Turkey at this year's European Corporate Council Summit taking place on 17 – 18 June.
By Seray Özsoy
Turkey has experienced an infrastructure boom over the past decade with a variety of projects being completed.
By Levent Lezgin Kilinc
Turkey and Kuwait share deep historic and cultural connections.
By Elif Ecem Seçilmiş
The GDPR applies to personal data, which is defined as any information relating to an identifiable natural person.
By Eren Can Ersoy
Turkey's first comprehensive data protection law was being launched in April 2016. The 2016 Law on the Protection of Personal Data ("Turkish Data Protection Law") is based largely on EU Data Protection Law.
By Duygu Doğan
The International Maritime Organisation's new regulations on low-sulphur fuel are changing how global shipping is powered.
By Seray Özsoy
Turkey's strong long-term economic growth and structural reforms have attracted interest of many international investors.
By Kilinc Law & Consulting
İşbu Bilgi Notu, 10.05.2019 Tarihli ve 30770 Sayılı Resmî Gazete'de yayımlanarak yürürlüğe girmiş olan Karar'a ilişkin olarak tanzim edilmiştir.
By Duygu Doğan
In January 2020 the shipping industry, and those supplying its fuel, face one of the biggest challenges in decades. How is the sector preparing for the next adaptation of the MARPOL Convention?
By Levent Lezgin Kilinc
Few countries are better located from a strategic standpoint than Turkey. Acting as the gateway between southeast Europe and the Middle East, being able to navigate the country's legal and regulatory system ...
By Kilinc Law & Consulting
Gemilerde "jurnal" adı verilen bir seyir defteri bulunur. Gemi limandayken ya da seyir halindeyken yaşanan gelişmeler bu jurnal defterine kaydedilir.
By Gülenay Çapkınoğlu
By Tolga Sevinir
02 Mart 2019 Cumartesi tarihli ve 30702 sayılı Resmî Gazete ("Resmi Gazete")'de, Aile, Çalışma ve Sosyal Hizmetler Bakanlığı, Çevre ve Şehircilik Bakanlığı ve İçişleri Bakanlığı tarafından müşterek olarak,