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By Mathoto Masetla
What do you do when your distributor terminates your Supply and Distribution Contract stating that it is more economical for them to acquire the products from another company (Company A)?
By Thomas Gerard Schmidt
An interesting thing about patent specifications, and one which many people tend to forget, is that they don't need to be scientifically accurate in order to be filed and published.
By Ruan Dickinson
Over 150 million people worldwide recently downloaded the very popular FaceApp after Hollywood celebrities started posting images of their edited faces in a social media challenge using the hashtag
By Jade Courtney
Have you enlisted the assistance of a third-party graphic designer to create a new logo or corporate identity for your rebrand?
By Magdalien Van Der Westhuizen
Africa, the world's second largest continent, is home to some of the fastest-growing economies.
By Ursula Baravalle, Thomas Gerard Schmidt
Patent protection of living organisms, or substances derived from them, has long been a locus of confusion and controversy in law. Recently, however,
By Vicky Stilwell
Fans of reality TV shows will be familiar with shows like "Cake Boss", which pit the worlds best confectioners against each other to produce the most extravagantly and intricately
By Pieter Lombard
It has recently been reported that two IT entrepreneurs from Gugulethu have made an application for an interdict to prevent Nedbank from using, that is, infringing, their invention protected by South African patent number 2016/05259 entitled
By Alwyn Dippenaar
It is clear from these examples that blockchain has the potential to greatly benefit the field of IP and business.
By Anola Naidoo
The Regulations relating to the Protection of Personal Information 2018 (the Regulations) were published by the Information Regulator on 14 December 2018.
By Dawid Prozesky
In 2006, the South African Government introduced a tax-incentive scheme aimed at increasing scientific and technological research and development expenditure by businesses throughout all sectors in South Africa.
By Pieter Lombard
Please note that this article speaks to an action for the infringement of a patent which is to follow the application for an interdict and not to the application for an interdict itself.
By Sinazo Madlanga
In the past months, I have started really paying attention to every billboard I come across.
By Annelise Engelbreg
Filing patents in Africa is often perceived as a minefield of different regional and national laws, whilst it is in fact relatively simple.
By Pamela Maluleke
It is often said that there is nothing new under the sun, and that re-inventing the wheel is often a futile effort. Intellectual Property (IP) refers to creations of the mind, for example: