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By Joanne Job, Jeremy Bryant
Equity exposure is often the largest risk in institutional investors' portfolios.
By Andrew Mills, Emmanuel Amos, Ryan Brown
In this article we focus on some of the rights held by minority shareholders of a company incorporated in the UK, and how they can impact on the influence wielded by majority shareholders.
By Mark Silveira
If you're a private equity fund looking to attract DFI capital, here's what you need to consider.
By Lauren Radford, Simon Radford
Welcome to 2019/20 and all that entails.
By Matthew Craig-Greene
Understanding the building blocks to articulating a fund's investment highlights is a key discipline for fund managers that want to raise money, successfully.
By Paul Durban
In this article, we discuss some of the recent developments in the restructuring and turnaround world and do some horizon scanning to try and predict which direction European credit might be headed for the remainder of 2019.
By Sean Scott, Paul Durban
For distressed debt investors, the debt markets have in recent times been characterised by surprisingly resilient conditions despite Brexit uncertainty and the mounting case for interest rate rises.
By Sean Scott
It would be rash, indeed, to put one's name to any sort of predictions about what to expect in the course of this year, so don't expect any here!
By Matthew Craig-Greene
In essence, the Pragmatist's Manifesto makes only simple demands on a fund manager.
By Luke Barnett
The industry should, consequentially, continue to flourish.
By Mark Silveira
Subscription lines are a good way to manage the fund's cash flow.
By Andrew Mills, Emmanuel Amos, Ryan Brown
In this article, we focus on the limitations on liability typically applied to potential warranty claims under a sale and purchase agreement
By Luke Barnett
I was recently invited to present at an event in Liverpool, focused on investment into businesses operating in and around the North-West.
By Mark Silveira
Funds-of-funds are an established segment of the private equity market, but their role is evolving.
By Sean Scott
It's 70 years this year since Alfred Winslow Jones first employed the investment strategy that would go on to become commonly known as a "hedge fund".