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By Jack E. Jimenez
With the holidays upon us, you may want to show your appreciation for your employees' hard work, but before you begin shopping, it's a good idea to consider the tax implications of your generosity.
By Mary A. Smigielski
Last week, I had the honor of speaking on a panel at the national First Chair Equal Pay Summit in Chicago, attended by prominent women from top law firms and companies in the U.S.
By Katherine Funk, Elisaveta Dolghih
Of particular interest, whether such restrictions inhibit job mobility and, by implication, depress wages and innovation.
By Mary A. Smigielski, Kenneth D. Walsh
On July 24, 2019, Chicago's City Council enacted the Chicago Fair Workweek Ordinance, which is scheduled to become effective on July 1, 2020.
By Jane Luxton, William Walsh, Amanda L. Tharpe, Karen C. Bennett
Federal agencies and Congress are taking aggressive new steps to regulate and fund additional research on per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).
By Karen C. Bennett, Jane Luxton, Amanda L. Tharpe, William Walsh
This alert provides an update on steps the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has taken under Executive Orders (EO) promoting President Trump's deregulatory agenda.
By Alecia Walters-Hinds, Nicholas Hurzeler
The plaintiff alleged numerous injuries.
By Alex W. Raybould
The State of New Jersey recently passed the MAID Act, which allows a physician to assist in the suicide of a terminally ill patient following three requests to do so by the patient, one of which must be written.
By Edwin Jones
California Expands Definition of Personal Information.
By Carrie E. Meigs
All healthcare providers who participate in Medicare and/or Medicaid should be aware of the OIG's priorities for the coming year.
By Thalia S. Rofos
This month, Governor Newsom approved two new employee-friendly bills which extend the statute of limitation for claims under the Fair Employment and Housing Act.
By Jonathan Kepko
In 2017, the California legislature passed SB 258, known as the California Cleaning Product Right to Know Act.
By Richard Goldberg, Kevin W. Yoegel
Halloween is a great time to masquerade as your favorite supernatural or otherworldly character, generating harmless screams and candy.
By Deron Roberson
The TIP Act was passed as part of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2018.
By Dylan C. Whitelock-Wolff, Elizabeth Dill
Importantly, a "business-to-business" exception was also added, similarly effective until January 1, 2021.
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