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By Richard Meneghello
A California State Senate leader may have thrown cold water on the idea that we will see a 2019 legislative solution to the misclassification debate that would preserve the gig
By Ashby Angell
In an effort to improve employee wellness, some employers have chosen to entice and incentivize employee participation by offering fitness trackers that track steps, workouts, physical location,
By Melissa Osipoff
New York Governor Cuomo just signed into effect an amendment to state law which expressly prohibits discrimination against employees based on clothing or facial hair worn in accordance with the employee's religion.
By Margaret Burnham
As predicted, Washington's legislature has been busy over the past few months passing new laws that directly impact how employers conduct business
By David Monks
David explains the significance of using clear, easy-to-understand language in the agreement, as well as giving employees time to review and evaluate the agreement.
By Marion Walker
The State of Alabama passed an Equal Pay Act in the 2019 legislative session that is set to take effect on September 1, 2019.
By J. Micah Dickie
Fisher Phillips, a national labor and employment law firm representing employers, announces the addition of Micah Dickie as an associate in its Atlanta office.
By Fisher & Philips LLP
We have long encouraged employers and schools to add a basic Trauma/Stop the Bleeding kit and provide the approximately one-hour of additional first aid training to interested employees
By Benjamin Dudek, Joshua Nadreau
The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) announced today its intent to publish a proposed "Election Protection Rule" that would amend regulations governing the filing and processing
By Melissa Osipoff
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently signed legislation amending state law to explicitly prohibit discrimination based on hair texture or protective hairstyles as race-based discrimination.
By Myra Creighton
In an eye-opening opinion letter issued earlier today, the U.S. Department of Labor confirmed that parents attending certain school meetings for the benefit of their children are entitled to FMLA leave for their absences.
By Patrice Nagle
ocial media is here to stay. Employers constantly struggle with 1) how to manage employee use of social media and 2) how to address information learned about employees through
By A. Kevin Troutman
In two recent healthcare cases, disgruntled former employees insisted that they had suffered illegal discrimination and retaliation.
By Hollie L. Reiminger
Here are three things all employers should know about yesterday's ruling.
By Reyburn Lominack III
Administrative law judges have struck down 16 of the 17 confidentiality rules that they've examined in cases applying the NLRB's December 2017 decision in Boeing.
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