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By Crowe Soberman's Tax Group
This afternoon, the Minister of Finance, Hon. Vic Fedeli, delivered the 2019 Ontario Budget. Crowe Soberman's infographic presents some of the key measures in this budget.
By Mayeer Pearl, Mark Redinger
We live in amazing times. Technology has not only reduced barriers to starting a company but also lengthened the time-frame in which to do so.
By Daniel Ling
Following the considerable rise and drop in the price of Bitcoins and similar cryptocurrencies, here's how those who suffered losses may be able to take advantage of the unfortunate situation for tax purposes.
By Aaron Schechter, CPA, CA, Adam Gur
All incorporated small business owners eventually must decide how to pay themselves: by salary or dividends.
By Michael Huang, Dorathy Yau
The 2019 tax filing season has arrived and with that comes changes and reminders which can impact your tax return. Here are four changes you should be aware of:
By Marissa Verskin
Proper receipting is important for any registered charity, and failure to comply with receipting requirements carries with it hefty penalties.
By Susan Hodkinson, BA
HR professionals are talking about three issues that have the potential to impact the Canadian workplace in 2019:
By Crowe Soberman's Tax Group
Our 2018 Personal Income Tax Organizer is now available for download.
By Adam Scherer, David Silber, Jeffrey Steinberg
Fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs have reason to be thrilled today. Canadian taxpayers may have reason to be a bit irritated.
By Crowe Soberman LLP
If you paid salary, employment commissions or employee benefits from January 1 to December 31, 2018, you must complete and file:
By Jordan Glazier CPA, CA
In December 2018, the Accounting Standards Board amended Section 3856, Financial Instruments (the "Section"), to address concerns on the accounting for financial instruments in a related party transaction.
By Crowe Soberman LLP
Ali Spinner is a partner in the Crowe Soberman Tax Group, specializing in domestic and international tax services, estate planning, and due diligence.
By Jordan Glazier CPA, CA
Retractable or Mandatorily Redeemable Shares Issued in a Tax Planning Arrangement
By Frédéric Pansieri, BBA, CPA, CA
If you are a supplier located outside Canada, new QST registration requirements may apply effective January 1, 2019.
By Susan Hodkinson, BA
It's official: As of October 17, cannabis is now legal for recreational use across Canada. Medical cannabis was legalized nationwide in 2001 yet the stigmas and attitudes
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