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By Richard Wong, Corbin Devlin
There is a trend across Canada in establishing regimes to provide prompt payment to contractors and subcontractors for construction work performed and a regime to resolve disputes
By McLennan Ross LLP
Selecting the right construction contract model for a particular project can be the difference between harmony and discord among project participants,
By Christopher Buchanan
Big changes are coming to the NWT's Human Rights Act that will impact the way human rights complaints are handled in the NWT.
By Allison Rudzitis, Keshav Bhargava
The Condominium Property Regulation, Alberta Regulation 168/2000 (the "Regulation") is one of the supplementary documents to Alberta's Condominium Property
By JoAnn Jamieson, Sarah Levine
Late on June 20, 2019, Bill C-69 was passed into law by the Senate notwithstanding strong and vocal opposition from across the country.
By Sarah Levine, Corbin Devlin
It is a relatively straight forward and well understood concept that at the outset of parties entering into a contract for services, they may choose to have any dispute that arises to be dealt with by alternative dispute...
By Corbin Devlin
In some circumstances, builders' lien rights are worthless. Contractors are well advised to look out for these circumstances before entering a contract, and seek alternate security for payment
By Eric Appelt
The decision to terminate an employee for just cause can place an employer in a delicate balancing act.
By Richard Wong, Corbin Devlin
Have you wondered whether you can dispute the validity of a lien after alternate security has been paid into Court? The Court of Queen's Bench recently confirmed that municipal and/or school reserve
By Thomas Ross
On May 27th, the Government of Alberta introduced Bill 2 (An Act to Make Alberta Open for Business).
By Ryan Martin
he Court of Appeal for Saskatchewan has released its opinion regarding the constitutionality of the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act, SC 2018, c 12 s. 187 (the "Act), the Government of Canada's federal carbon tax regime.
By Christopher Green, Peter Major QC
Indemnification in law is a means by which one party agrees to shoulder the monetary costs, either directly or by reimbursement, for losses of another party. In commercial agreements
By MaryAnne Loney
Doing both tax planning and tax dispute resolution for small and medium sized corporations I have had the opportunity to see clients through all stages of their interactions ...
By Sean Parker, Stuart Chambers
As previously reported, in 2018 the Government of Alberta overhauled the Remediation Certificate Regulation, made under the Alberta Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act ("EPEA").
By Vicki Giles
The issue of discrimination on the basis of family status continues to be of interest to all employers, and one on which the appeal courts in Canada do not seem to be able to agree.
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