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Jones Day
By Robert Levent Hergüner, Blaney Harper
In a recent order, the ITC denied a motion to stay after ALJ Bullock found that the balance of the Semiconductor Chips factors weighed against granting the motion.
By Kenneth Luchesi
The Board has broad discretion to determine how much weight should be given to inventor testimony, but as long as the testimony does not relate to the inventor's opinion about the meaning of a claim term, ...
By Albert Liou
In TicketNetwork, however, not only were the claims different, but the prior art grounds were also different.
By Thomas Bouvet, Eddy Prothière
PACTE, adopted on April 11, 2019, and promulgated on May 23, 2019, amends the statute of limitations applicable to industrial property rights litigation to the benefit of rights holders.
By Stefano Crosio, Chase Kaniecki
Italy is ranked one of the top destinations for investment in the European union.
By Ozan Akyurek, Sophie Hagège, Kelly Carrero, Jayant W. Tambe, Bénédicte Graulle, Elie Kleiman, Françoise Labrousse, Alban Caillemer du Ferrage, Philippe Goutay, Wesley Johnson Jr, James P. Loonam, Frédéric Gros
Recent laws—such as the 2016 Sapin 2 Law and the new EU General Data Protection Regulation—provide for rules that are intended to ensure compliance with the French Blocking Statute, ...
By Robert Levent Hergüner, Matthew Johnson
In a rare successful motion to amend, the PTAB found certain claims of a pipeline monitoring system patentable, and allowed substitution of amended claims for others deemed unpatentable.
By Stefano Crosio, Chase Kaniecki
Italy is ranked one of the top destinations for investment in the European union. Still, the Italian government wields the authority to review, and even prevent, investments by foreign entities seeking assets in certain sectors and industries.
By Vidal Galindo, Friederike Steininger, Dr. Markus Kappenhagen, Paul De Beauregard, Emmanuelle Rivez-Domont, Jean-Michel Bobillo, Chantal Biernaux, Irene Vermeeren Keijzers, Luca Allevi, Mark Taylor, Michael Gray, Matthew Lampe, Elizabeth McRee, Georg Mikes, Javier Ponce, Florence Coussau
The European Court of Justice ("ECJ") recently ruled that all employers in EU Member States must implement a daily registry of employee working hours.
By Ozan Akyurek, Ignacio Santabaya, Sébastien Champagne, Nicholas Cotter
Since its introduction into French law in 2014, the class action à la française (action de groupe) has not met the legislator's expectations for the settlement of consumer disputes.
By Gregory Castanias, David Cochran, Jennifer Swize, Jihong Lou
The Supreme Court ruled in Return Mail that a federal agency is not a "person" who may challenge an issued patent in inter partes review, post-grant review, or CBM review under the AIA.
By Charles Hodges II
Client Strategies for the IRS Appeals Judicial Approach and Culture Project ("AJAC")
By Laura Fraedrich, Schuyler J. Schouten, Chase Kaniecki, Justin Huff
As we previously wrote about here and here, there is a relatively new program (effective November 2018) pursuant to which certain investments in the United States trigger a mandatory notification to CFIUS.
By Lori Hellkamp, Teresa Maloney, James I. Kinnebrew
On June 6, 2019, the U.S. Treasury released proposed regulations under Internal Revenue Code section 897(l) providing guidance for "qualified foreign pension funds" for purposes of the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act.
By Jihong Lou, Chris Liu, Matthew Johnson
Since its inception through the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act, the proper role and function of the PTAB of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in adversarial post-grant proceedings has been continually under debate.
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