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By Anja Grenner
Alternative assets are set to rise but fragmentation is still a problem for AIFMD, which is soon due for its second iteration.
By Colin MacKay, Michael Secondo
At a recent Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA) Global Policy & Regulatory Forum in New York, 49% of delegates reported that they were already facing questions
By James Donnan, Fang Ling Khor
By Olivier Junod, Alex Brainis
Canada is home to some of the largest multinational corporations in the world, a bustling pension fund and private equity industry, and growing numbers of alternative investment, real estate, and insurance shops.
By Shira Newbold, Sabinah Clement, Kimika Roberts, Shanica Maduro-Christopher
Our clients ask about it all the time: forced heirship. Understanding what it is and how to plan accordingly is a critical part of succession planning.
By Daria Medici
On 25 April 2019, the Luxembourg Parliament approved the Luxembourg Budget Law 2019.
By Ciara Smith, Patrick O'Brien, Anja Grenner, Maelle Lenaers, Michael Secondo
Introduced in 2011, the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) was developed with a primary objective of improving protection for alternative investors.
By Michiel van der Maat, Marcelo Delfos
The Brexit dust has far from settled yet, but many British companies are bending over backwards to secure the export of chemicals to Europe.
By Intertrust Group
With an increased emphasis on company governance, it has become vital to have a robust corporate governance infrastructure in place.
By Intertrust Group
We've had great success over the years in helping managers launch their first fund.
By Donald Tsang, Jessica Tsang, Rupert Gerald, Quinten Kah, Eric Tang
In the early stages of a new venture often times the employee support services can be overlooked and viewed as not necessarily a high priority.
By Anja Grenner
Revision of the AIFM Directive and Solvency II as well as Environmental Social and Governance concerns and cross-border fund sales do not allow the private equity and venture capital funds any regulatory break.
By Anja Grenner, Pamela Valasuo, David O'Flaherty, Nick McHardy, Cleopatra Alemadi
Last week, the European fund structuring outlook breakfast took place in London, organised by Unquote covering topics such as whether the RAIF has met investor expectations and fund domiciling in an uncertain environment.
By Amit Taylor, Chris Bowden, Ciara Smith
The new economic substance laws that came into force in Guernsey and Jersey on 1 January 2019 further demonstrate the islands' compliance in relation to international regulatory issues, ...
By Brecht Guldemont, Christophe Tans
To make Belgium a more competitive and attractive place to establish business, the Parliament adopted the new Companies Code on 28 February 2019.
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