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By Manish Aryan, Varun Sharma
The role of experts and their testimony in highly technical matters is indispensable.
By Pankaj Musyuni, Swati Gupta
A specific formulation or dosage form of an active/functional element either alone or with the essential compatible components and carriers for the intended use is usually defined in terms...
By Abhai Pandey, Mahima Madan
The IPAB was formed in 2003 under the provisions of the Trademarks Act, 1999 to expedite the disposal of trademark appeals and rectification/cancellation cases by an expert tribunal.
By LexOrbis  
Judgement: The Delhi High court granted a permanent injunction in favour of the plaintiff, Hennes & Mauritz, thus securing the rights of a foreign company in their trade mark against the rights
By Paul Albert
India is witnessing a high growth in the number of start-ups in the country and is also amongst the top start-up ecosystems in the world.
By Omesh Puri, Aprajita Nigam
Giving tough competition to the climate, the Cricket World Cup Fever is soaring high on the temperature scale. Every brilliant shot is already in the headlines
By LexOrbis  
Biosimilars are highly similar to the reference product notwithstanding minor differences in clinically inactive components.
By DPS Parmar
Indian position about patent eligibility of the product of nature still remains in the realms of elusive debates for want any judicial precedence on the subject in India.
By Pradeep Kumar Kamal
Substances used for in vitro diagnosis, medical device, mechanical contraceptives, disinfectants and insecticides and other notified devices in India are now regulated by the Medical Device Rules, 2017...
By Mini Raman
Under the previous SEBI regulations all shares with SRs would convert into normal shares upon listing of the shares.
By Mini Raman
The objective behind the recommendation is to improve transparency of related party transactions.
By Neha Ramani
India released the draft regulatory guidelines for ‘Similar Biologics' at the BIO industry conference in Boston, USA, on 19 June 2012.
By LexOrbis  
The principles involved in awarding of damages in IP litigation in India have seen a great evolution in the recent past
By LexOrbis  
In India, the Trade Marks Act, 1999 ("Act") and the Rules there under guide the process of registration and enforcement of rights relating to trade marks.
By Rajeev Kumar, Pradeep Kumar Kamal
Patents in India are allowed in all fields of technology, even though the factors determining patentability of an invention varies for dierent technologies.
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