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By Dayo Adu, Oluwapamilerin Adepoju
Expatriate quota in Nigeria is an approval granted by the Minister of Interior affairs to foreign or indigenous companies to enable foreign employees, directors or owners of businesses work in Nigeria.
By Dayo Adu, Oluwapamilerin Adepoju
A TWP is an entry permit available to expatriates who possess special skills and are invited to Nigeria by corporate bodies to carry out short term assignments such as erection / after-sales installation work, ...
By Dayo Adu, Oluwapamilerin Adepoju
This is a visa available to expatriates employed by individuals, corporate bodies or government in Nigeria. It allows passage into Nigeria with the obligation to regularize the visa once in county.
By Dayo Adu, Blessing Adepoju
The treaty allows for free Entry into any ECOWAS member state and stay for 90days.
By Dayo Adu, Blessing Adepoju
Application for a VOA is strictly an online process.
By Woye Famojuro
This article contains the criteria for patenting an invention, process of registration and the agency responsible for granting patent rights in Nigeria.
By Woye Famojuro
A registered design gives protection to the shape of the product e.g. lines, colors or any three-dimensional form.
By Dayo Adu, Oluwapamilerin Adepoju
Trademark registration in Nigeria is regulated by the Trademarks Act 1967 and Trademarks Regulations.
By Famsville Solicitors
Mortgaging a ship is a form of security wherein a ship owner ("Mortgagor") gives to the lender ("Mortgagor") ...
By Woye Famojuro
It is a common phenomenon for individuals and corporate entities to require documents from statutory agencies for various reasons.
By Damilola Osinuga
A contract of carriage of goods by sea is usually between the shipper and the ship owner or carrier. The terms of the contract of carriage are generally evidenced by a bill of lading.
By Omolola Ahmed, Damilola Osinuga
Pursuant to Sections 11(c) and 51(c) of the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria Act 2011, the FRC of Nigeria is vested with the powers to ensure good corporate governance practices in the public and private sectors...
By Dayo Adu, Blessing Adepoju, Adeola Oyeola
Ideologically, it is expected that the government provides basic social amenities and infrastructure for its populace largely through taxes paid by citizens.
Sexual Harassment has been unlawful for decades and most cases of sexual harassment at the workplace go unreported.
In the age of globalisation, increasing commercial transactions and trade is not without the prospect of dispute.