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By Famsville Solicitors
Mortgaging a ship is a form of security wherein a ship owner ("Mortgagor") gives to the lender ("Mortgagor") ...
By Woye Famojuro
It is a common phenomenon for individuals and corporate entities to require documents from statutory agencies for various reasons.
By Damilola Osinuga
A contract of carriage of goods by sea is usually between the shipper and the ship owner or carrier. The terms of the contract of carriage are generally evidenced by a bill of lading.
By Omolola Ahmed, Damilola Osinuga
Pursuant to Sections 11(c) and 51(c) of the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria Act 2011, the FRC of Nigeria is vested with the powers to ensure good corporate governance practices in the public and private sectors...
By Dayo Adu, Blessing Adepoju, Adeola Oyeola
Ideologically, it is expected that the government provides basic social amenities and infrastructure for its populace largely through taxes paid by citizens.
Sexual Harassment has been unlawful for decades and most cases of sexual harassment at the workplace go unreported.
In the age of globalisation, increasing commercial transactions and trade is not without the prospect of dispute.
This article outlines the steps and requirements for obtaining work and residence permits in Nigeria.
By Dayo Adu, Ridwan Oloyede
The Nigeria President, Muhammadu Buhari on 5 th July 2018 signed the Executive Order 6 of 2018 (EO6) on the preservation of suspicious asset recovered from corrupt officials.
By Ridwan Oloyede
The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) recently published a draft guideline on cybersecurity for Deposit Money Banks (DMB'S) and Payment Service Providers (PSP's).
By Dayo Adu, Omolola Ahmed
The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) through the Comptroller-General of NIS, Mr Mohammed Babandede has recently announced plans to increase the validity of passports issued to adults from five (5) to ten (10) years.
By Akinbobola Adeniyi
There is a general proposition that the powers of the courts are limited by their territorial boundaries (i.e. territorial jurisdiction).
By Dayo Adu, Ridwan Oloyede, Akinbobola Adeniyi
Nigerian President signs executive order mandating Nigerian taxpayers to declare and pay tax on their offshore assets.
By Dayo Adu, Omolola Ahmed
From artworks to property to super yachts, something sets the ultra-wealthy apart; the need to continually amass trophies. Undoubtedly, obtaining another citizenship is the recent trophy for the ultra-wealthy.
By Ridwan Oloyede
However, protecting privacy should not be allowed to muscle out the much needed life-saving innovation in the industry.