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By Dennemeyer  
Your business has successfully registered trademarks in your home country.
By Frédéric Blanc
This year, two reports were published on Intellectual Property rights violations and their economic impacts worldwide.
By Dennemeyer  
Counterfeiters, patent infringers and Intellectual Property villains are infiltrating the business world, and someone needs to stop them. Inventors,
By Dennemeyer  
Many business owners devote considerable amounts of time and energy into trying to ascertain a dollar value amount that reflects their Intellectual Property (IP).
By Cary Levitt
Remarkable technological and cultural transformations have impacted Intellectual Property rights management during the past 25 years and many experts agree
By Steven M. Shape
On August 3, a new rule became effective at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) requiring foreign-domiciled trademark applicants and registrants to be represented by an attorney who is licensed to practice law...
By Dennemeyer  
Research shows that small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) do not adequately assess the value of their firm's Intellectual
By Dallas Wilkinson, John Walker
The term "trade secret" is invariably included in any definition of "Intellectual Property." However, while the majority of IP types are subject to strict rules
By Dennemeyer  
Results from a recent IP study conducted internationally find disconnects between knowledge of IP value and actions related to IP.
By Claudio Szabas
Obtaining a patent in Brazil is a lengthy process. However, the BPTO makes provisions for an expedited substantive examination and grant of patents for environmentally beneficial technologies.
By Roberto D'Erme
This stems from the need to identify the source of the product, its manufacturing method and compliance with specific standards.
By Brigitte Baldi
Private sector research and development (R&D) funding remains concentrated.
By Leon Steinberg
While registering trademarks for cannabis products at the USPTO is currently impossible, brands are applying creative solutions to the problem.
By André Koch
The use of sloping stripes altered the distinctive character of that mark.
By Richard Brunner, Sevim Süzeroglu-Melchiors
Besides, the importance of licensing out technologies increases, because nowadays we operate in a digitized and highly integrated, fast-moving environment.