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By Erin Locker, David Navetta
The final version of Brazil's data protection law, Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados (LGPD), was approved by the Brazilian Federal Senate in May 2019 and sanctioned by President Jair Bolsonaro in July.
By Erin Estevez, David Mills
The Supreme Court recently issued an opinion significantly reducing the showing companies must make to federal agencies to protect confidential business information from release under the Freedom
By Cydney Posner
By now, we all know that, sooner or later, audit reports for most public companies will be required to disclose critical audit matter.
By Cydney Posner
Now you can find out.
By Eric Schwartzman
In addition to the many issues parties typically face with equity rollovers, there is one factor that is critically important and particular to add-ons.
By Wendy Goldstein
An applicant whose enrollment has been revoked twice will not be permitted to reenroll for up to 20 years.
By Cooley LLP
Last year, California significantly expanded its requirements for employers to train employees on preventing sexual harassment in the workplace.
By Cydney Posner
The staff will continue to actively monitor correspondence and provide informal guidance to companies and proponents as appropriate.
By Cydney Posner
The changes are fairly nuanced, now also including some minority views.
By Cydney Posner
AS 3101, the new auditing standard for the auditor's report that requires disclosure of critical audit matters, is effective for audits of large accelerated filers for fiscal years ending
By Cydney Posner
In a post last month, I noted that, notwithstanding the growth in the number of shareholder proposals related to corporate social responsibility, for the 2019
By Katherine Lee Carey, Caitlyn Shelby
The California Senate Appropriations Committee returned from recess on August 12 and resumed discussion of the six remaining higher education bills.
By Cydney Posner
Reg FD prohibits selective disclosure of material, nonpublic information by public companies (or by its senior officials or specified other employees)
By Rod Freeman
With uncertainty continuing surrounding the UK's proposed exit from the EU, the UK government is offering grants of £25,000 or more to help UK businesses prepare for the implications of a "no-deal"
By Jamie Leigh, Ben Beerle, Ian Nussbaum, Megan Melbourne
There's an old saying, probably at some point attributed to Abraham Lincoln or Einstein, that a bridge shows no allegiance to either side.
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