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By Michael Rhodes
Michael Rhodes, chair of Cooley's cyber/data/privacy practice, joins 41 California privacy lawyers, professionals and professors urging major changes to the California Consumer Privacy Act.
By Cooley LLP
With this recent flurry of judicial and administrative activity, the EEO-1 Component 2 reporting process is still very fluid.
By Cydney Posner
[This post has been updated primarily to reflect the contents of the proposing release as well as the statement of Commissioner Hester Peirce.]
By Cydney Posner
Those of you who expected the SEC to go big and propose raising the current threshold for status as an "accelerated filer" to be commensurate with the cap for "smaller reporting companies" will be sorely disappointed.
By Cydney Posner
The Department of Justice has just released its updated guidance for Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs.
By Cydney Posner
Happy International Women's Day! To celebrate, let's hear from Hester Peirce, the only woman SEC Commissioner.
By Noah Pittard
In conjunction with our Q1 Venture Financing Report, I sat down with Zack Schildhorn from Lux Capital to get his take on the state of venture capital investing.
By Katherine Lee Carey, Jonathon Glass
These rules – except as described below – are applicable to All institutions participating in the Title IV programs.
By Andrew Hoffman, Boris Segalis
Recently, app store providers have become increasingly active in imposing and enforcing privacy requirements for developers.
By Cydney Posner
After the roundtable, the SEC's Small Business Capital Formation Advisory Committee held its inaugural meeting.
By Cydney Posner
The proposal will be open for public comment for 60 days.
By Cooley LLP
As a sizable portion of the modern labor economy shifts toward a marketplace-focused work structure, more cases and opinions are coming forth to confirm the viability of the gig economy platform model.
By Cydney Posner
Most of the SEC's new disclosure simplification rules will become effective tomorrow.
By Cydney Posner
Essentially, the concept is intended to capture the matters that kept the auditor up at night, so long as they meet the standard's criteria.
By Nicole Brookshire, Kenneth Guernsey, Cydney Posner
A company electing to omit that earliest-of-three discussion must include a statement that identifies the location of the omitted discussion in its prior filing.
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