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By Roberto Harrington, Juan A. Alfaro
Due to its key geographic location, Panama´s economy has been inclined in favor of a well-developed service sector that has been traditionally attractive to both local and international companies.
By Nelson E. Sales
The debate around the migratory policies in a country is always very heated. A sense of patriotism generally seeks to prevent or limit in a very restrictive manner the possibility of foreign hire.
By Joelis Araúz Ospino
Bajo un concepto estricto, las decisiones judiciales sólo son de obligatorio cumplimiento dentro de los límites territoriales del Estado al que pertenece el tribunal que las dicta.
By Monique Ferrer
Through the years, different generations of consumers have witnessed the evolution of marketing and advertising strategies of trademarks, regardless of the nature of the goods and/or services...
By Ana Cristina Negrón
Panama has created a series of laws that allow the establishment of companies within specially designated areas.
By Luis Horacio Moreno IV, Javier J. Daza R
Every year the National Assembly approves the General Budget of the State, which includes the expenditures and investments of all the public institutions.
By Luis Horacio Moreno IV
Public Procurement in Panama is regulated by Law 22 of 2006. Since its promulgation, the Law dictates the rules, principles and procedures applicable to public contracts entered into by the Central Government, ...
By Marissa Lasso de la Vega Ferrari
Through the Special Prosecutor for Crimes against Intellectual Property and Computer Security, Panama has set a precedent regarding the country's position of websites selling counterfeit products and infringing trademarks.