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By Neville Bilimoria
Providers in the long term care industry often ask me whether they should sign on with their local accountable care organization ("ACO").
By Frederick Ball, Justin M. L. Stern
On November 25, 2019, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) announced that it had issued warning letters to 15 U.S.
By Rick Hyman
In two recent posts I discussed (i) the structure of unitranche facilities and their growing acceptance in the market and (ii) the uncertainty inherent in these facilities...
By Oliver Massmann
Der private Partner (das Projektunternehmen) ist ein Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), welches durch eine Gruppe privater Firmen, die in Vietnam tätig sind, ...
By Rick Hyman
In an earlier post, I generally discussed the structure of unitranche facilities and their growth in popularity among borrowers since the credit crisis.
By Eric Sinrod
The Principles Document begins by noting that policymakers have expressed concern about both harmful speech and the content of moderation practices of tech companies.
By Oliver Massmann
The EVFTA is a new-generation Free Trade Agreement between Vietnam and the EU.
By Justin A. Santarosa
The Guidance specifically relates to the disclosures required in merger and acquisition transactions.
By Frederick Ball, Patrick C. Gallagher, Justin M. L. Stern
The guidance is intended to replace a withdrawn draft guidance concerning the compounding of animal drugs initially released in May 2015.
By Seth Goldberg, David E. Landau, Justin M. L. Stern
A video replay of the webinar "Overview of New Federal Rules on Hemp Production and Q&A" is available to view.
By John M. Simpson
On November 25, President Trump signed the "Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act" or "PACT Act" — H.R. 724 — which has become law as Public Law No. 116-72.
By Michelle C. Pardo
We previously blogged about the animal rights' movement's attempts to convince various U.S. courts to allow animals the same rights as people in the court system.
By Brad A. Molotsky
Philadelphia's City Council unanimously passed a bill requiring owners of non-residential commercial buildings larger than 50,000 square feet to perform regular building tune-ups to improve their
By Giles T. Cooper
Get ready for auctions! After months of confusion and uncertainty over the policy for solar power development in Vietnam Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc...
By Frederick Ball, Justin M. L. Stern
When the United States Department of Agriculture released the interim final rule for the hemp program in October 2019, many stakeholders—including businesses and state agencies...
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